Words and Watercolors – Beautiful Cards and Gifts from the Watercolor Art of Peg Conley


Greeting Cards & Gifts

San Francisco resident artist Peg Conley loves to paint with water colors the beauty of the natural world to delight and inspire others. She creates greeting cards with more than 200 different designs, and other gifts including boxed notes, memo list pads, pocket notebooks, paper place mats and wrapping paper.

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Greeting Cards  – selections on your left

H8024  Lone Cardinal                                                                                           Let the Spirit of Love & Nature                                                                              Gently Fill Our Hearts & Homes.                                                                         In this Beautiful Season May You                                                                  Find Many Reasons for Happiness.

H8039  Poinsettia Plant                                                                                          Warmest Thoughts & Best Wishes . . .                                                                  . . . for a Wonderful Holiday and                                                                           a Very Happy New Year!

H8027 Peaceful Stillness                                                                                        Whatever is Beautiful.
Whatever is Meaningful.
Whatever Brings You Happiness. 
May it be Yours this Holiday Season
and Throughout the Coming Year!

Boxed Note Cards & Pocket Notebooks –                                         selection on your upper left

NC2027   NC1050    NC2029   NC1042

Wrapping Paper – selection on your upper left






Memo List Pads – selection on your upper left



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Paper Place Mats – selection on your upper left