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They say a picture is worth a thousand words…therein lies the reason for creating “vision boards”.  I’ve got to admit that I LOVE creating collages ie: “vision boards”.  I started playing with them years ago.  I can’t even recall where I first heard about the power behind making a collage (your subconscious goes to work […]

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Royal Gorge

Mark and I drove up to Royal Gorge yesterday (near Tahoe).  It is the largest Cross Country Ski area in the country.  Miles and miles of groomed trails that go up and down the mountain offering scenic views of vistas and pine trees and one helluva workout!   This late in the season, there was […]

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releasing the inner artist

Funny how you can see yourself in the reflection of others.  My daughter, Emily, and her boyfriend, Ryan, flew in on Saturday (from Seattle) to celebrate her BIG birthday, she was 21 on April 4th!  We had a lovely weekend visiting many of the sites that make San Francisco the tourist destination that it is. […]

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Busy Bee

Busy Busy Busy….I know I’m not alone when lamenting all there is to do and not enough time to do it all in.  On one hand, I’m happy that I’ve got this problem as it makes me think that I AM going to achieve all my goals.  Words and Watercolors IS going to be all […]

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