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It’s been over a week since I last posted and Thanksgiving has come and gone.  Two Turkey dinners and lots of leftovers later and I’m finally getting back into gear with the next phase of Words and Watercolors.  The newest 25 designs have been printed (last week) and will be ready for pick up tomorrow […]

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I’m sitting at San Francisco Airport (SFO), 8:10am Friday morning waiting for my 9:20 flight to Seattle (SEA).  Can’t wait to see Miss Em and Bob (and Ryan, Em’s boyfriend)…It’s going to be an action packed 4 days as I’ve got lots of people to see this trip and things to do. “Grateful” is in […]

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Divine Reciprocity

It’s been 2 weeks since I wrote a post…that reflects how busy I’ve been…that and the cold that finally caught up with me last week prevented me from getting to this blog posting.  Last Thursday evening, after attending the annual “Imagine Bus Project” fundraiser (a charity that Words and Watercolors supports) I was inspired to […]

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