Archive | February, 2012

Technology challenged

Saturday morning and, finally, feeling better about things now that we are back “wired” to the world.  Our internet has been working sporadically as has my printer.  Mark called comcast yesterday morning.  He was told that the comcast connection was good.  The guy asked how old the router was…Mark looks to me and asks me. […]

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SF Gift Show

I’m happy to report that this has been the best Gift Show yet for me.  It helps that this is my 4th show.  People come by that have written orders in the past to say Hi!  even if they aren’t ready to write another one yet.  Others who have talked to me before but didn’t […]

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time flies……..

The old saying is true, “Time flies when you’re having fun”….or in my case being busy (and having fun!).  Difficult to believe that is has been nearly 3 weeks since last posting an entry to the blog.  What have I been doing??  Orders and more orders…which takes time to input into Quick Books, pull the […]

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