Our folded Birthday Cards measure 5″ x 7″ and are printed with soy inks on bright white recycled paper and come with a white envelope.

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  • B1004_285x379

    Purple Lilacs

    B 1004

    The fragrance of the lilacs perfumes the air… inhaled, it feeds the Soul!
    Feed your Soul with beauty, fragrance and wonder this Birthday Year!

  • B1001

    Lilac Bouquet

    B 1001

    A bouquet of…Love… bundled from the garden…
    Celebrating Life’s Simple Pleasures…and YOU!Happy Birthday!

  • b1005

    Backyard Blossoms

    B 1005

    Backyard blossoms bloom with birthday wishes…
    …for a multitude of Blessings to be bestowed on you this year! Happy Birthday!

  • B1058

    Tulip Bouquet

    B 1058

    Bountiful Blooms Celebrate your Day!

    Happy Birthday!

  • B1063


    B 1063

    Wishing You a Happy Birthday…

    …the Best One Ever!

  • B1055

    Claret Poppies

    B 1055

    Happy Birthday friend!

    Wishes for your best year yet!

  • B1033

    Red Tulips

    B 1033

    Like the first blossoms of Spring…
    Wishing you a blooming Good Year. Happy Birthday !!

  • B1060

    Dragonflies, Butterflies & Honey Bees

    B 1060

    Wishing Happy Days and lots of blue sky

    . . . for flying free this Birthday year!

    Happy Birthday!

  • B1007

    Princess Flower

    B 1007

    May bountiful blossoms color your birthday with happiness to last throughout the entire year!
    Happy Birthday!

  • B1050

    Butterflies & Dragonfly

    B 1050

    Here’s to a year of magical moments

    and colorful surprises…

    Happy Birthday!

  • B1041

    Garden Tools

    B 1041

    Cultivate your JOY!!
    …This Birthday Year!

  • B1045_CMYK_300

    Kitchen Tools

    B 1045

    Cooking up the Best Life Ever…
    Ingredients: interesting friends, exciting work, and a good sense of humor! Happy Birthday!

  • B1046_CMYK_300

    Thyme, Rosemary, Sage

    B 1046

    Lemon Thyme, Rosemary, Sage
    Thanks for spicing up my life…Happy Birthday!

  • B1057

    Grape Arbor

    B 1057

    Happy Birthday to Someone who knows how to enjoy life’s simple pleasures . . .

    A toast to you on your special day!

  • B1037

    Bayview Opera House Rooster!

    B 1037

    Prance around…and Dance up a storm for your Birthday Celebration!!
    Happy Birthday!

  • B1002_285x379

    Orange Blooms

    B 1002

    Miracles were birthed on the day you entered this World…
    You are a miracle to Celebrate…Happy Birthday!

  • B1042_CMYK_300


    B 1042

    Buzzin’ bees promise a year of
    honey and sweetness…
    HapBEE Birthday!!

  • B1047_CMYK_300

    Celebration Candles

    B 1047

    We won’t even begin to count all the candles this year…
    because you actually look way younger

    than that pesky chronological age…

    Happy Birthday!

  • B1040

    Birthday Cake

    B 1040

    The Anniversary of your Birth…Day! May it be filled with the love of family and friend celebrating!!
    Happy Birthday!

  • B1052

    Birds of a Feather

    B 1052

    Birds of a Feather

    Celebrate together…Happy Birthday!

  • B1010

    Front Porch Rhodies

    B 1010

    Look at the world with wonder…Any you’ll be surprised… at  all the Beauty and Joy to behold…
    Have a wonder… fillded Birthday!

  • B1011

    Bird of Paradise

    B 1011

    Dance, Laugh Eat, Drink…Soak up the Sun, Have Fun…it’s your Birthday!
    Happy Birthday!

  • B1023


    B 1023

    Color outside the lines!
    For a fun, fabulous birthday year!

  • B1061

    Teak Chaise Lounge

    B 1061

    Rest, Relax, Read and be Rejuvenated

    . . . as you enter a new year!

    Happy Birthday!

  • B1048

    Birthday Balloons

    B 1048

    Make it a Festive Day!

    Happy Birthday!

  • B1051

    Cupcake Trio

    B 1051

    A trio of treats

    to wish you the happiest of Birthdays!

  • B1062

    Pencils, Brushes & Watercolors

    B 1062

    Play, Create, Explore and

    Enjoy this New Year!

    Happy Birthday!

  • B1022


    B 1022

    Let your life unfold, open and bloom in the year ahead.
    Happy Birthday!

  • B1032

    Fruit Stand

    B 1032

    Stock up on the Fruits of Life!
    Wishing you a juicy birthday!

  • b1024

    B1024 for Ryan

    Good Food, Good Friends, Good Times…Ingredients for your special day!
    Happy Birthday!!

  • B1056

    Apple Trio

    B 1056

    An apple a day . . .

    keeps the Doctor away!

    Happy Birthday . . . Stay Young!

  • B1017

    Calla Lily Trio

    B 1017

    May your Birthday be filled with

    the Elegance and Grace

    reflected in the Calla Lilies…

    Happy Birthday!

  • B1025

    Fall Bouquet

    B 1025

    Wishing you the Bounty of Fall

    all year long!

    Happy Birthday!

  • b1028

    Mom’s Mums


    Mum’s the word…

    On the number of candles on your cake! Happy Birthday!

  • b1027

    Autumn Leaves


    B 1027

    A Brilliant Burst of Birthday Wishes.
    Happy Birthday!

  • B1034

    Pumpkins and Sunflowers

    B 1034

    Make it a Festive, Fun Birthday!!
    Happy Birthday!

  • B1053

    Duck Pair

    B 1053

    You quack me up!

    Here’s to lots of laughter this coming year!  Happy Birthday

  • B1054


    B 1054

    Savor the sweet nectar of life’s delights

    this coming year…

    Happy Birthday!

  • b1018


    B 1018

    A little bird told me it was your birthday!
    Hope it is filled with lots of celebrations and fun!

  • B1038

    Sailboat at Sea

    B 1038

    Have a Rollicking Good Time

    on Your Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday!