Our cards are 5” x 7” (A7) and come with a white envelope. Cards are printed on FSC certified paper that complies with standards specified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

$3.50 each if you order up to 9 cards in one order.

$3.00 each if you order 10 or more cards.

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  • Adirondack Chair & Hydrangeas

    I 2004

    Indulge in idleness…
    Take the time to sit…relax… and just BE!

  • Variegated Iris

    I 2010

    Breathe in the beauty of life that surrounds you!

  • Garden Pots

    I 2032

    Happiness is definitely found in the garden…
    Get out and play!

  • I2029 Vashon Island Magic!


    I 2029

    Let Magic Happen!!
    look for it everywhere…it

  • Mercy Center Buddha

    I 2033

    All is Well!

  • Grace Cathedral’s Labyrinth

    I 2026

    The Path Reveals the Mystery of Life Unfolding.

  • Lily Pads

    I 2012

    Breathe in and out… remembering

    the power in the moment!

  • Nasturtiums

    I 2014

    Imagine… Dream…Believe…Create the World of your Desires!

  • Moon at Horizon

    I 2011

    Surrender to the Moon, the Sky, the Stars…Peace Results… Rest in the comfort of the invisiblhands that hold & guide… The Hidden World supports us!

  • Leaving Yosemite

    I 2022

    Look around…Infinite Possibilities are always with us… be open…soon opportunities will unfold…in countless, creative ways!!

  • Bowl of Cherries

    Life IS a bowl of cherries!
    Savor each bite…and each moment!

  • Bird Bath & Hydrangeas

    I 2016

    A Garden’s respite offers tranquility

    for the soul…

  • Hanging Fuchsias

    Watch the fuchsia unfloding… Listen to the birds chirping… Relish the Moments!
    It’s the little things in Life

  • Koi Pond

    I 2028

    Swim Effortlessly through life…

    Enjoying each moment!

  • Monarch Butterfly

    I 2027

    “I had to give up so much of who I was in order to become who I am now…”
    Fly free!

  • Guardian Angel

    I 2021

    Believe in Guardian Angels…
    Guarding and Guiding…Always

  • Flock of Angels

    I 2030

    Sending a flock of Angels your way…

  • Full Moon

    I 2023

    Live your Brilliance! Shine your Light!

  • Double Rainbows

    I 2009

    Angels and Rainbows dance in the sky Magic and Miracles are everywhere…
    when you look for them. Trust…Believe…Dream!

  • Daffodils

    I 2019

    Hope Springs Eternal!

  • Mountain Path

    I 2025

    Climb that Mountain…Dream that Dream.
    All is Possible!

  • Vashon Island

    I 2018

    Peaceful solitude… where one can listen to the wisdom of the heart…
    Make time to BE in Nature… the gifts received are plentiful!

  • Leaving Skagway

    I 2007

    Breathtaking Scenery…everything stays the same and yet everything is always changing…
    Be open to life’s changes, twists and turns…they can take you to grand vistas and breathtaking scenery!