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Our cards are 5” x 7” (A7) and come with a white envelope. Cards are printed on FSC certified paper that complies with standards specified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

$3.50 each if you order up to 9 cards in one order.

$3.00 each if you order 10 or more cards.

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  • B1056

    Apple Trio

    B 1056

    An apple a day . . .

    keeps the Doctor away!

    Happy Birthday . . . Stay Young!

  • B1059

    18th Hole

    B 1059

    Make it a Hole in One!

    Celebrate with Gusto!

    Happy Birthday!

  • B1049

    Jill’s Dock

    B 1049

    Enjoy a lazy day…swim, fish, eat, drink…

    relish relaxing on your special day!

    Happy Birthday!

  • L7022


    L 7022

    Thank you for adding zest to my life!

    You’re Awesome!!!

  • BA1207

    Onesies, Twosies, Threesies

    BA 1207

    Congratulations on the new arrival!

    and the accompanying clothes, toys and gadgets that seem to go with the special bundle!

  • BA1206

    New Born Baby

    BA 1206

    The sweet innocence of infancy . . .

    Congratulations on the

    newest addition to the family!

  • L7023

    A Wooded Path

    L 7023

    Thanks for walking the path with me . . .

    Where would I be without you?

  • C4017

    Whidby Island

    C 4017

    May Nature’s solace surround you now…

    thinking of you…