Words and Watercolors – Beautiful Cards and Gifts from the Watercolor Art of Peg Conley

     A love of nature has always been a part of my life. I grew up in Indiana and would often jump on my bike riding out amongst the cornfields to sit by a creek and contemplate life. Since 1981, when I drove my VW Bug out West, I have lived in Salt Lake City, Seattle, Portland and most recently San Francisco–all places accessible to good hikes, beautiful gardens and exquisite scenery.

     Nature’s creations: the Beauty of a Flower, the Elegance of the Moon, the Simplicity of Bare Trees, and Majesty of Mountains are all images that I capture in my watercolors.

     As is evident in my work, I am nurtured in nature, I have incorporated my philosophy of life into my words which I have thoughtfully paired with my watercolors with the hope of enriching and inspiring all who come in contact with my work.


“The outdoors inspires me not only with the peace of mind that comes from breathing fresh air but also with all the beauty that is inherent in nature.”                                     –Peg Conley