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growing pains

That’s what my rep, Carolyn, told me I had when I went into this lengthy explanation of all I was trying to accomplish last week.  Really too much has been on my plate, I feel, for some time.  The good news is my business continues to grow at about a 33% pace.  That’s held true […]

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Thrilled to be able to have pictures to post with a new entry.    My iCloud pictures, I just discovered, have downloaded so I can now post pics of my vibrant quilt!   I love the bold colors!  Thanks to Clothworks, fabric mfg in Seattle, who licensed my art for this lovely collection titled “Cultivate […]

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Quilt Market

I’m here in Pittsburgh for Quilt Market.  I absolutely love this quilting world.  Everyone is so friendly!  As I was headed to baggage claim on the tram, I look to my left and see a woman who looks like she’s a Quilt Market attendee also (thousands of both quilt retailers as well as mfgs/vendors attend). […]

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Gamble Garden Tour

Spent Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday (April 24th, 25th and 26th) as a vendor at the Gamble Garden Tour.  As always, I love my time spent sitting amongst my product and selling my wares.  This was a great venue.  The Gamble Garden is located in Palo Alto.  It’s a charming old home built in the […]

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It’s all about promotion.  I was reading MORE magazine last night and saw a contest so I entered!  It was a beauty, style, substance contest.  I figure I could have lots of exposure if I could win something like this! You had to upload an image and write a 350 word essay (that took a […]

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Artists Dates

I’ve been a fan of Julia Cameron’s work for a long time.  She wrote the seminal book on creativity in the 90’s, The Artist’s Way followed by The Vein of Gold.  In both she advocated the importance of “morning pages” and taking “artist’s dates” with oneself.  So though I no longer do “morning pages”, which […]

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computer issues result in “upgrade”

What a week it’s been! We got home Monday night from a trip to Florida and our key wouldn’t work in our front door.  A very old lock that finally, stubbornly refused to let us in.  It was 11:30pm, west coast time and we’d been adjusted to  east coast time so were not happy campers […]

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Words and Watercolors goes to the de Young!

My heart literally skipped a beat as I walked into the de Young, the San Francisco Art Museum, and saw a colorful display of my boxed notes and list pads!  I could hardly talk as I tried to explain to my cousin and her husband, who were visiting from Seattle, how I had met with […]

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Rondi and her amazing dogs!

Vegas Gift Show January 26th-30th

Like the Atlanta gift show held earlier in January, that also last 5 days, it was a loooong 5 days in Vegas the end of January.  The first 3 days passed quickly as many folks were walking the aisles.  I shared a 20′ x 10′ booth with two other artists/card mfgs. Susan Schmitt has a […]

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importance of writing

I was reminded of the importance of writing in my blog when I talked to a new friend this morning.  I met Rosetta through Facebook last year.  We share quite a bit in common besides our love of art/watercolors.  She’s currently evaluating how to get her art out to the world.  Self-publish or license?  There’s […]

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People love the color

Atlanta Gift Show-January ’14

What a way to start the year…joining the tens of thousands of people who descend on Atlanta for the Gift Show.   The temps opened January 9th.  I flew in on the 7th, set up the booth with Cheryl Karpen of Gently Spoken (we shared a booth) on the 8th and on the 9th we […]

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enchanting, enthralling, enthusiastic Holidays!

We celebrated the Winters Solstice with our annual party on the Eve, Friday night the 21st.  So much fun, as always, to share food and drink with friends and then go outside to do our ritual of releasing and embracing! Michaela, a very powerful Reiki Master and Shaman, led us in the ceremony.  Anyone can […]

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Technology Challenged

OMG, I posted an entry on Saturday, December 7th with the same title.  It got lost in the transfer of hosting sites.  The entry was all about my frustration with technology.  I do not “get” technology.  I do not feel comfortable with having to learn new things that have to do with technology.  And I’m […]

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grateful, joyful, thankful…and blessed!

Lately I’ve had problems sleeping through the night.  A common issue with women of a certain age (menopause).  Sometimes, like now, I get up and do things using the quiet early morning hours to be productive (if reading Facebook could be called productive!) other times I toss and turn, try to meditate, count backwards from […]

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waiting for my signature at Leewood Press

New images on their way

I can’t wait for the January Gift Shows!  I’ll be leaving here on the 7th to fly to Atlanta.  The Gift Show starts on the 9th. Been a busy little bee creating new images for cards, boxed notes and list pads.  Now they are headed to the printers so I can have them ready to […]

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back to basics

Words and Watercolors started out as greeting cards and I’ve been lucky enough to grow into other product (my boxed notes, list pads, wrapping paper) as well as license my art for coasters and quilting fabric.  I’m getting back to basics right now as I work on designing NEW cards.  My discipline of doing a […]

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paper/boxed notes/print

Fun with Fabric

Just completed my first Quilt Market in Houston.  A great experience.  Made new friends, met lots of people and sold not only my product but directed lots of quilters to the Clothworks booth, which was located in the aisle behind mine, where they ordered my fabric!  Both from the “Nature’s Glory” collection which was released […]

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Book Submitted!

I have to say, I’m so pea-picken proud of myself…just returned from picking up collated copies of my book with the title of: Imagine the Life you want to Live, then Live It! (It’s that Simple). Subtitle is: 52 inspired ideas to open up your imagination, tap into your creativity and unlock your inner genius. […]

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Diablo Valley Quilt Show!

Thrilled beyond belief to have the actual fabric to show from “Nature’s Glory”…my first quilting fabric collection!!  The Diablo Valley Quilt show is this weekend.  I had just received the fabric needed to make the quilt that Clothworks, mfg of the quilt fabric, put together for promotion piece.  I relished each and every one of […]

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successful trip

Last Saturday I was spending the night in Roseberg, OR.  My last night out on the road.  I couldn’t wait to return home to my husband, cats and routine.  I had a wonderful trip to the NW but I was gone for 10 days, which was a few days too long!  Highlights of the trip […]

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All packed and ready to go + seeing through the fog!

I’m heading up to the NW tomorrow.  Can’t wait to get up to summer weather, not to mention hanging with Emily (I’m staying with my daughter in Seattle) and visiting many friends plus kids.  Tomorrow will be a looooong day of driving.  All the way to Portland (10-11 hours).  I’ve never done that all in […]

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SF Summer Gift show complete

The SF Summer Gift Show ended on Tuesday.   As I noted after the February show, I can tell that I’ve been in this industry for awhile now as I look forward to meeting up with people I see at the show, vendors, reps and buyers.  As far as shows go, this was a slow […]

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"The Heartland!"

I am waaaaay behind in writing posts.  I think about it but the thinking doesn’t correspond with actually clicking on the login to website and add new post…instead I think and then move on to some other task forgetting about posting a blog…the cycle continues till I’m almost embarrassed to finally write…it’s been too long. […]

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CoasterStone Coasters!


A little over a year ago I had a little sit down with myself…some brainstorming was in order as I was working through the direction of  Words and Watercolors.  I pulled out a big Newsprint pad, my colored makers and started scribbling, both words and drawings on the pages.  I wrote down goals and envisioned, […]

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New Website and New York!

New Website: Wow!  I can’t believe it…after months and months, literally, my revised website is up and running…it looks alot like the old site but it has been enhanced in many ways that you can’t see.  The check out process should be easier.  You can now, finally, purchase all the new product that I’ve introduced […]

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