Words and Watercolors – Beautiful Cards and Gifts from the Watercolor Art of Peg Conley

We are pleased to offer a limited selection of boxed note cards.
The cards feature words and watercolors by Peg Conley and were
originally produced by Brush Dance, a company that licensed and
distributed the products. $12.95/large box; $9.95/small box.

X4666H 12 large note cards with envelopes (4.75" x 6.75")
Holiday greens grace our Hearts & Home
May your home be full of the holiday spirit this year


X4454H 12 large note cards with envelops (6.75" x 4.75")
A "Holly day" Heart...filled with the love, joy & Magic of the Season. May you experience these gifts now and throughout the coming New Year!!!
Have a magical and joyous holiday!


X4714H 12 large note cards with envelops (6.75" x 4.75")
Love-Joy-Peace-Faith-Hope. Gifts of the Season!!
Joyful wishes for a joyful holiday


Xs3027H 15 small note cards with envelops (4.75" x 3.75")
from Santa!!
Let the gifts of the season be yours the entire year. Merry christmas!


Xs3005H 15 small note cards with envelops (3.75" x 4.75")
Trees decorated for the season
Happy Holidays