keep moving

Mark and I had a discussion this morning about how important it is to wake up each day and start moving in the direction you want to go.  It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort, you don’t make it a big deal…you just start moving…walking towards your goal/dream/vision.  As is so often quoted, “It’s …

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self publishing and branding

I attended a panel series last night at the Commonwealth Club on self-publishing.  Though this was geared to the book world, I felt it appropriate for cards and other types of publishing.  I left pumped about all the resources and opportunities that appear to be out there in the world (and mostly on the web). …

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my website

I just realized that I have no link between this blog and my website!  Here’s a link to the website: http://www.pegconley.com/  Peruse around, you’ll get a sense of my watercolors and see how much I love to capture the beauty of Nature! enJOY!!!

making progress

Thank goodness for Sarah!  I had another “tutoring” session with her today.  Feeling like I’m learning to master the complexity of InDesign and Photoshop.  At least the little bit I need to know to pull in a TIFF image, resize it, add text boxes, take to Photoshop to change to CMYK color, check image size, …

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words come back to me

Out on a brisk walk this evening, I was reflecting on the good conversations I had with both my children (now young adults) today.  I was thinking what a great day it was as I talked to both Bob, 25 years old, and Emily, will be 20 on Sunday!  They live in Seattle and I …

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food for thought

I’m ever so grateful to get feedback from others.  I met with Christin, co-owner of the Booksmith in the Haight, along with her husband Praveen (who happens to be in my writing group).  She shared with me what works in their store for cards.  In listening to her talk about “neutral” cards, I began to …

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still working on navigating around this blog.  I’ve still got lots to learn but at least I’m getting photos posted.  Obviously a watercolor inspired by the Calla Lilies in our backyard.  I love the fact that they grow wild, or so it seems.  They are everywhere I look here in SF.  In people’s yards, on …

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These Calla lilies, growing in clumps in our back yard, are the inspiration for the watercolor to follow.


Just had my 2nd Session with Sarah. Can’t say I’m proficient yet but I’m doing OK. Getting the template together and today added a text box. Now I’m going to play around with different fonts. Was proud to be able to create a horizontal template all on my own, after Sarah left. I showed Sarah …

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Good Friends

I just want to note how perfect the Universe seems to be in having good friends call just when you need to hear their laugh! And you didn’t even know how much you missed their laugh, till you heard it again!! Thanks Lisa for calling me today and leaving a message. Getting caught up (an …

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Last Friday I was  on a little hike and came upon these wild Iris’s.  They were purple! (my favorite color) and thankfully I had my backpack with watercolor supplies it it.  I dropped my pack, sat down and began sketching these flowers.  I love capturing Nature’s beauty to share with others!

making headway

I just met with Sarah, my neighbor, who conveniently also happens to be a Graphic Designer and well versed in how to work the Adobe programs of InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.  She’s consulting with me to teach me what I need to learn in order to get my cards ready for printing.  My new Apple …

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Hello world!

Oh Boy, Here we go!!  I’m once again amazing myself with learning NEW Technology!! I’ve been interested in blogging for some time but have not made the time or effort to learn what is entailed.  I hope I learn quickly and others will share my interest in “Aspiring to Live Your  Dream for your Life!!” …

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