getting to goals and rhythm this summer

First off, I just want to express my gratitude to the Universe for all the good in my life…I thought of that as I was out  on my morning walk today.  Walking in the morning sun (in 6 months it will be dark), the fresh air smells good…I stop and take pics of flora and fauna as I was inspired by the way the sunlight was being filtered through the Russian Sage.  (Unfortunately can’t upload that pic as once again technology issues with my phone camera not uploading to iCloud pics…whatever…I am technology challenged…no doubt about it).  So much to be thankful for in this life!

So we are in summer now as the Summer Solstice was last Saturday.  We had our “Boasting and Toasting” Solstice Party celebrating the longest day of the sun.  With the fullness of the sun it’s time to acknowledge all we’ve been doing in the 6 months since Winter Solstice.  And as we are in the year of the Horse (Chinese Astrology), everyone seemed to have some kind of gallivanting story to share!  I, for one, feel the energy of W&W taking off this year.  I’ve been busier than ever and as I wrote about 3 weeks ago, I’m finally going to get admin help in the form of TD Back Office Solutions.  I’m over the top excited about having the details of the business done by someone other than me (entering orders, sending out invoices, handling bill payment, A/R, etc….) and the bonus is Tom Larsen has real world experience at being an entrepreneur.  He and Deb, his lovely wife, owned their own business for 19 years so I’m getting expert business coaching in addition to back office help.  I believe this will allow W&W to continue to grow in sustainable ways!

As for the goals and rhythm noted as the title of post…I wrote an email to Tom just now about my excitement for our upcoming planning session we are going to have this Thursday/Friday.  I will be handing off all kinds of detail and as I will no longer be the queen of my QB (Quick Books)!  I had assistance from Corina for bookkeeping the past 4 years but other than that, I’ve been the one entering in all the info into QB.  Not only that we are going to put a plan together for upcoming products that I want to introduce (there are a lot of them!).  It’s impossible to introduce everything all at once so with the help of Tom’s working knowledge on inventory, manufacturing and sourcing, we just may expand from paper products to fabric (my quilting fabric with Clothworks!) to canvas wrapped art…possibilities are endless (kitchen linens/wood trays/candles and soaps!)  Overarching goal is building Peg Conley/Words and Watercolors into a brand (think Martha Stewart, Vera Bradley, Mary Lake Thompson and any number of artists I watch that have their art on a wide variety of products be it licensed or their own company).

I commented in my email to Tom that having been in sales I often worked with goals.  Not only did I always have goals but I would always exceed them.  And I have experience at setting somewhat unrealistic goals and achieving those!  So it is that I’m surprised myself that I’ve gotten along this year without any clear goals save sales of 10K per month (I’m on track for that).  I’ve had an overarching goal of growing the business this year but I have been negligent about creating incremental goals that will help me get there…or even throwing out some wildly impossible goals (wigs) that I typically like to challenge myself with…So one of my goals is to get clear and write some realistic and wildly impossible goals that will drive W&W to the next level of growth!  And once I have those goals established that will provide clarity for steps that need to be taken in order to achieve them…and that is what leads to the rhythm…it’s summer so I was thinking of the analogy of swimming.  Growing up in Indiana, it is hot and humid in the summer.  I spent many a summer afternoon at pools and as I grew older rather than playing tea party under water or marco polo I would swim laps.  I loved the rhythm of swimming laps.  So I’m going to focus on the rhythm of swimming laps to propel me forward with goals this summer!  How about you?  What are your goals!?!

I’ll attach some pics from our “Boasting and Toasting” party…the blaze from the fire is provided from last winter’s wreath…part of the ritual tying the Solstice’s together.  Note as well the very fun and colorful wrapping paper that serves as tablecloth (will be cut in two for placemats but I made it more like table cloth for the party).  Also my very fun moon and stars tunic that I’ve not worn in years…I thought it perfect for a Solstice celebration!  (what do you think Em!!)


Kate and Lauren looking on as Patrice boasts!

Kate and Lauren looking on as Patrice boasts!

the dried wreath goes up in a blaze!

the dried wreath goes up in a blaze!

I'm explaining the significance of burning wreath saved from last year and importance of "boasting and toasting"

I’m explaining the significance of burning wreath saved from last year and importance of “boasting and toasting”

The table is set!  4 sheets of wrapping paper as table cloth!

The table is set! 4 sheets of wrapping paper as table cloth!

Cathy and Ryan prepare for toasting!

Cathy and Ryan prepare for toasting!

Mark pouring bubbly for Patrice in preparation of "boasting and toasting"!

Mark pouring bubbly for Patrice in preparation of “boasting and toasting”!

Michaela calls in the circle with her drum...Danielle an Anthony look on

Michaela calls in the circle with her drum…Danielle an Anthony look on


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