Words and Watercolors – Beautiful Cards and Gifts from the Watercolor Art of Peg Conley



I lift open the lid of my palette to reveal rich reds, royal purples, yellows, oranges and my favorite “sap green” along with other sepia and neutral tones. I dip my brush in the water then into the palette; the colors are released on to paper. This is when the magic of watercolor happens. The colors blend or create a wash effect. I may have an idea of what I want the outcome to look like but I try to let the medium perform it’s magic (again, like jazz!).

Once the painting is complete, it needs to be scanned. A high- resolution scan is needed for the printing process. Once scanned and loaded into my computer, I can bring it into Photoshop and InDesign and format the image (color/size) add the text and create the card.

Now I get Sarah, graphic designer extraordinaire (my words not hers), involved to take the layout of the cards that I’ve done and create “mechanicals.” She puts the files together in such a way that once she sends the files to the printer, he can print them error-free.




“I dip my brush in the water then into the palette; the colors are released onto the paper.  This is when the magic of watercolor happens.”

–Peg Conley