Words and Watercolors – Beautiful Cards and Gifts from the Watercolor Art of Peg Conley

There is quite a process involved to get the greeting card in your hand! I thought it might be fun to explain a little bit about what is entailed.


There would not be any cards without my watercolors so that is where the process begins. I like to work outside so you can find me sitting amidst a garden, or on a hike sketching in my journal, or taking pictures that will remind me what it was I wanted to capture when I’m back at my kitchen table (my studio).

First I draw with pencil the image I want to render. I’ve tried to do the watercolor without a pencil foundation but have yet to feel comfortable without that sketch first. From there the watercolor gets added. It’s funny how I can get very detailed in my sketch yet when I begin to add the paint I get looser as I listen to Jazz on my iPod. Jazz music is my favorite to play while painting. The improvisation of my artwork as it unfolds.







“Jazz music is my favorite to play while painting.  The improvisation of Jazz is similar to the impro- visation of my artwork as it unfolds.”

–Peg Conley