Our folded cards measure 5″ x 7″ and are printed with soy inks on bright white recycled paper with a premium white square-flapped envelope.
$3.00 each for 10 or more of any category
$3.50 each for 9 or fewer of any category

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  • Celebration Candles

    B 1047

    We won’t even begin to count all the candles this year…
    because you actually look way younger
    than that pesky chronological age…
    Happy Birthday!

  • Birthday Cake

    B 1040

    The Anniversary of your Birth…Day! May it be filled with the love of family and friend celebrating!!
    Happy Birthday!

  • Birds of a Feather

    B 1052

    Birds of a Feather
    Celebrate together . . . Happy Birthday!

  • Front Porch Rhodies

    B 1010

    Look at the world with wonder…Any you’ll be surprised… at  all the Beauty and Joy to behold…
    Have a wonder… fillded Birthday!

  • Bird of Paradise

    B 1011

    Dance, Laugh Eat, Drink…Soak up the Sun, Have Fun…it’s your Birthday!
    Happy Birthday!

  • Caladiums

    B 1023

    Color outside the lines!
    For a fun, fabulous birthday year!

  • Teak Chaise Lounge

    B 1061

    Rest, Relax, Read and be Rejuvenated
    . . . as you enter a new year!
    Happy Birthday!

  • Birthday Balloons

    B 1048

    Make it a Festive Day!
    Happy Birthday!

  • Cupcake Trio

    B 1051

    A trio of treats
    to wish you the happiest of Birthdays!

  • Pencils, Brushes & Watercolors

    B 1062

    Play, Create, Explore and
    Enjoy this New Year!
    Happy Birthday!

  • Amaryllis

    B 1022

    Let your life unfold, open and bloom in the year ahead.
    Happy Birthday!

  • Red & Green Onions

    B 1024

    Good Food, Good Friends, Good Times…Ingredients for your special day!
    Happy Birthday!!

  • Apple Trio

    B 1056

    An apple a day . . .
    keeps the Doctor away!
    Happy Birthday . . . Stay Young!

  • Mom’s Mums

    B 1028

    Mum’s the word…
    On the number of candles on your cake!
    Happy Birthday!

  • Autumn Leaves

    B 1027

    A Brilliant Burst of Birthday Wishes.
    Happy Birthday!

  • Pumpkins and Sunflowers

    B 1034

    Make it a Festive, Fun Birthday!!
    Happy Birthday!

  • Duck Pair

    B 1053

    You quack me up!
    Here’s to lots of laughter this
    coming year!  Happy Birthday!

  • Hummingbird

    B 1054

    Savor the sweet nectar of life’s
    delights this coming year…
    Happy Birthday!

  • Robin

    B 1018

    A little bird told me it was your birthday!
    Hope it is filled with lots of celebrations and fun!

  • Sailboat at Sea

    B 1038

    Have a Rollicking Good Time
    on Your Birthday!!
    Happy Birthday!

  • Shore Birds

    B 1039

    Wishing you the Best Birthday Ever…From All of Us!
    Happy Birthday!

  • 18th Hole

    B 1059

    Make it a Hole in One!
    Celebrate with Gusto!
    Happy Birthday!

  • Sailboat

    B 1026

    Wishes for a Birthday Year Filled with Smooth Sailing!
    Happy Birthday!

  • Georgia Moon

    B 1013

    Wishes for a moon full of possibilities on your birthday!
    Happy Birthday!

  • Trees at Shore’s Edge

    B 1020

    A simple Birthday Wish for you…A day and year filled with Blessings of all kinds…
    May the landscape of your life be painted with lots of interesting scenes this coming year! Happy Birthday.

  • Redwoods

    B 1029

    Step over the fence… and discover the joy of being nurtured in Nature this birthday year!
    Happy Birthday!

  • Sand Dollars

    B 1009

    Look to Nature for answers…Like the sand dollar we hold magic inside (the sand sprinkles out) delicate…
    Uncomplicated… complete within itself.Celebrate your own Magic this Birthday!

  • Seashells & Sand Dollars

    B 1015

    Feel the sand between you toes the sun on your nose smile with delight it’s a day at the beach!
    Celebrate your Day at the Beach…Happy Birthday!

  • Three Palms

    B 1044

    Here’s to a Birthday in Margaritaville . . .
    . . . if Only in Your Mind!
    Happy Birthday!

  • Heron

    B 1030

    Have a happy day just hanging out!
    Happy Birthday!

  • Seagull on Pier

    B 1036

    Tweeting out “Happy Birthday” the Old School Way…via a paper birthday card!
    Happy Happy Day!!