Focused Sales!!

So happy to report that I’m stepping into a NEW YEAR with Lots of FOCUS and plans for tons of SALES!!  How is this possible you ask??  I’ve just joined the Focused Sales family!  It was official on Monday, December 3rd as I did a Powerpoint Presentation on a WebX Conference call to all their […]

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summer begins!

It’s Labor Day, September 3rd.  I suggested to Mark that we have a cook-out as summer begins now in the city!  The rest of the country shows signs of fall and yet our best months, September and October, are coming to San Francisco!  The fog, wind and chill of August receding, thank God! Hopefully Words

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creating space

I was back from Dallas for a little over a week before jumping on another plane for another trip.  This time Mark joined me and we took a red eye home to Indiana on the 3rd of July.  Arriving on the morning of the 4th in Indianapolis (after a 4 hour layover in Detroit which

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