It’s been over a week since I last posted and Thanksgiving has come and gone.  Two Turkey dinners and lots of leftovers later and I’m finally getting back into gear with the next phase of Words and Watercolors.  The newest 25 designs have been printed (last week) and will be ready for pick up tomorrow (cut and folded) from the printer.  Now it’s time for me to send the new cards to all the reps for samples and to get my Atlanta show boxes ready to ship (cards, card racks, catalogs).  The new catalog is complete, in the computer, as well as of this weekend.  It just has to get printed.  I’m thrilled that we were able to get this project done so quickly as Sarah, graphic designer extraordinaire, starts a “real” job today.  We are moving right along.

I do want to pause for a moment and give thanks for ALL that has transpired in my world since I began this journey of entrepreneurship.  I’m most thankful for my husband who continues to believe in me and supports me in this adventure.  For all the reps that have helped me get my product into the retailers stores, for the SF Small Business Development Center with help in writing a business plan and coaching, for Sarah whose sense of design and graphics shaped the “look” of my line, for my friends who have helped me with the “words” to match my “watercolors”, and most of all to Spirit who continually feeds me inspiration in the form of the all the beauty I see in this world that I attempt to capture on paper.  I’m doing what I’ve wanted to do since I was a child and made cards for my Mom putting PC & Co on the back with the price of .15 or .25 depending, I guess, on what year it was! Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you!

As for the 10 10 10 title, a friend from High School flew out to San Francisco on Friday.  She’s here for her daughter’s wedding.  Mark and I were lucky enough to have her over for dinner on Friday (Turkey Noodle soup I made from the Thanksgiving leftovers!) and we picked her up early Saturday morning at her hotel for coffee and a walk at one of our favorite places to hike in the city, Land’s End trail in the Presidio.  Annie is natural motivator. Having battled (and won) breast cancer not to mention run many marathons and 1/2 marathons finishing in the top 5 of her age group, she is determined, dedicated and disciplined.  We were discussing something at dinner and she said she invoked the 10 10 10 rule.  I asked what that was.  Surely you’ve heard it before she replied.  It sounded rather familiar but I wasn’t clear so she explained you look at a situation in how it will impact you in 10 minutes, 10 months and 10 years.  Obviously what you may think about a situation may change drastically when viewed from the 10 10 10 viewpoint.  I’m going to try and keep that upmost in my mind as I go about making decisions.  How about you?

I did sell 26 Calendars in the 2 1/2 hours I sat at NW Art and Frame for their Holiday Open House!  All of Em’s worries were for naught as the day was amazing.  They were as busy as ever and the entire day was very successful for everyone involved.  Kudos’s to my Miss Em!

Last but not least, some pics of my time in Seattle and here with Annie:


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