I am waaaaay behind in writing posts.  I think about it but the thinking doesn’t correspond with actually clicking on the login to website and add new post…instead I think and then move on to some other task forgetting about posting a blog…the cycle continues till I’m almost embarrassed to finally write…it’s been too long.

So with all that, I finally clicked open at the same time I thought about doing so with the result being a new post…new picture and another commitment to be more timely with writing.

Lots of good things happening.  I’m going to be featured in a blog tomorrow about my new quilting fabric collection!  I’ll post that.  I’ve been busy creating another collection for Clothworks that will debut next spring!  On top of that, I was accepting last week to the Houston Quilt Market, which is apparently a HUGE quilt show open to the trade only.  It’s in the end of October in Houston.

On another front, you can buy 3 different coaster sets with my designs on them at www.coasterstone.com.  The sets include a beach scene, florals and one very modern looking one based on one of the quilting fabric designs.  When you get to the website, type in my name in the search bar and all 3 should pop up.  Buy a set or two!

I’m starting to cull through all the paintings I’ve been posting each week on Facebook.  Time to take them down to have them scanned.  Once scanned, I can begin to create new cards for the line.  It’s quite the process!

I’ve added a new rep group in the Northwest so now have representation in WA, OR, MT, ID, and Alaska!  Still hoping to find representation in the Atlanta/SE and Dallas/Tola (Texas, Oklahoma, Lousiana and Arkansas) markets plus Philadelphia/East Coast.  Anyone reading this that knows of good reps in any of those areas, PLEASE contact me!

OK, that’s it for now…I’ll finish with a picture Mark took of me when we were home in Indiana last week.  We went back for to attend a high school reunion but also I take any chance I can to go home and see my Mom!  This was taken at her place.  She lives in an Independent apt in a retirement center.

playing with my watercolors at Mom's

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