3 year wedding anniversary

Today is October 18th, 2010.  Mark and I have been married 3 years ago today.  If someone would have told me that day I got married it would only be a matter of time before I moved to San Francisco, left the Corporate Sales world behind and created a company from my artwork, I would not have believed them.  I would have thought THEY were crazy!  Oh, and did I mention that life would be more challenging than I ever imagined but ultimately I’d be Ok with it because all the changes would usher in the chance for the “new” to take hold in my/our world.

With all that, I just want to honor the day that did usher in all the changes that allowed for me to begin living “the creative life” that I always only dreamed of…thank you to Mark for believing in me, supporting me and challenging me to think beyond my limiting beliefs.

I went for a walk today in Golden Gate Park…strolling along I encountered a couple dressed in their wedding finery in canoes at Stow Lake!  How perfect is that??!!??  I thought to myself…on a Monday!!  They looked radiant, she in a white gown with billowing skirt and he in a white shirt, coat and green tie.  There were 2 other canoes in the party.  One with a photographer and 2 other people and the 3rd canoe with the attendants, I surmised, as they were in wedding finery also.  He in a suit and she in a white dress as well (but not wedding).  The bride stood as the groom sat on the bench seat in the canoe.  I watched as they kissed and gathered each other in embrace.  Her bouquet of white roses tossed to the side of the bench.  It was so very sweet.  I couldn’t help but think of how random it was that I ran across a wedding for the 2nd year in a row on our Anniversary!

Last year we had driven to Yosemite on our Anniversary.  We walked through the magnificent Ahwahnee Hotel, a National Historic Lodge built in 1927, and out to the back meadow.  I couldn’t believe my eyes then when I realized we had walked into a wedding.  We were able to witness the bridesmaids walking up the “aisle” with the spectacular Half Dome as a backdrop.  The wedding party gathered and I took pictures from way back with my lens extended as far as can be to capture the wedding that was happening on our 2nd Anniversary.

Not sure what to make of the fact that I’ve witnessed weddings on our Anniversary for the past 2 years but I’ll take it as a good sign!

Launch going well, lots of positive comments and a few orders!  Keep those cards and orders coming, as the old saying goes!!

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