a different vibration

It’s mid week between the 2 big end of the year Holidays…Christmas and New Years!  When I think of Christmas, I think of warmth…touching moments in the presence of family and friends.  Gifts exchanged…love expressed in meals…we are all wrapped up in the Love inherent of the Season…poinsettia’s color our living spaces…angels are everywhere…a baby in a manger which brings life to all…goodwill is heralded as strangers whisper “Happy Holidays” and “Merry Christmas” to others…somehow you can “feel” the slowed down pace of the world that basks in the Peace and Joy that reigns supreme in christmas card messages and on all manners of decorations.

A few days after Christmas the tone begins to change.  We’re leading up to the New Year’s Celebration.  It’s a different vibration as the warmth of family becomes instead the gathering of friends…the colors of red and gold which surround so much of Christmas become colors of blue and silver marking the clean, fresh beginning a New Year brings.  The top 10 lists of…whatever…dominate in the media as we reflect on the past year preparing to say goodbye to it.  It’s exciting to feel the promise of a New Year unfolding.  It’s a different vibration we are about to enter.

I flew up to Seattle on Christmas Day to celebrate with my kids.  Not only is it Christmas but my son turned 26 (how is it possible?) on the 25th. This idea of a “different vibration” came to me the other night as I lay awake contemplating how much has changed since I left Seattle 2 years ago this week.  I realized that I AM  now resonating at a different vibration.  Moving to San Francisco allowed for me to finally move into the life I had always held “out there” as a dream…the artist persona is pulled into my everyday life as I now work towards building a business that is based on my artwork.  I’ve said goodbye to the “single Mom” and “Corporate Sales Queen” roles that defined me as I lived here in Seattle.  Yesterday I took a walk through Lincoln Park, one of my favorite places, with that “different vibration” thought playing in my head.  Of course, it all made sense as I considered that Seattle has a different vibration than San Francisco.   I walked along the waterfront, listening to the sound of waves crashing, acknowledging that my life here was based on those roles that I identified so much with…in moving to another location, those roles no longer fit.  It did take some time for me to discover what new roles (hats) I would wear as I had to let go of the old before the new could appear.  It was quite the painful process (lots of grief) but today I’m thankful to be vibrating at a different level!

Some pics posted from the past few days…

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