a good day

Today was a much more enJOYable day as I was over my nervousness and accepting that this venture of mine is not going to explode over night (nor would I want it to I realized).  Hillary, our new friend and booth neighbor, told me about the book signings and encouraged me to go stand in line with her to meet Julia Cameron and receive a signed copy of her new book.  I’ve long admired Julia Cameron and have tried (off and on for years) to do the “morning pages” writing that she advocates in her Artist Way book.  After that line, I moved into the lines for books from both Gary Zukav and Joan Borysenko.  Not only was it great to speak briefly with these “famous” folk, I also chatted it up in line with other people.  Met a bookstore owner from Indianapolis.  Found out her store is in Broad Ripple and she invited me to visit when I told her I’d be home (Indiana) over Labor Day.  Talked to Kathy, the editor of New Age Retailer.  She complimented me on my “professional” catalog as she discussed the pitfalls of self publishing with a bookstore owner from Salem, Or.  Having adjusted my expectations, I was very pleased to be meeting esteemed people and making connections that could take me places I have yet to discover.

Susan, from East West Bookstore in Seattle, did indeed come visit my booth and placed an order!  My first!  WooHoo!!  She was one of my first customers when I had published “words and watercolors” back in 1994.  She also offered many compliments on the quality and look of these cards suggesting that I market to high end gift shops, and floral shops.  I so appreciate the vote of confidence she offers with her purchase and willingness to provide ideas for me.

Continued to pass out many catalogs and carry on conversations with a variety of people.  It was a good day, all in all.

I’m too tired to be coherent in this post so am just going to post pictures I downloaded and call it a night.  Tomorrow is last day of the show and then tear down, return rental car and back on a plane home.  It maybe Tuesday before I finish my Denver show recap.  

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