a RED letter day!!

I couldn’t believe it when I went to the FAX machine to pull off an order for Armstrong Garden that my rep in SoCal called to tell me about.  Underneath that fax was another from the Chicago Rep group for $839.00!!  I’ve never had an order for that much faxed to me!!  WooHOOO!!!  Not only did the order contain 32 different cards of a dozen each (most stores order by 1/2 dozen) it also had 24 of my 2012 Calendar on it.  So that order plus the Armstrong ($105.) and one I did for Half Moon Bay Wine and Cheese this morning (she ordered 100 of my Halloween card that I painted 2 years ago sitting in the middle of a pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay appropriately titled “Half Moon Bay Decorations”) at $175. put me well over a Thousand Dollar Day!!  Now if I can get those days to be consistent then I’ll be on to something but I’m certainly not complaining.  The order from Chicago is going to The Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL.  My sister told me is it a suburb of Chicago. Thankfully I had a BIG reprint last week at the printers so I should be good with all these orders!!

It’s happening.  I keep thinking of that phrase I wrote in my journal 2 years ago after quitting my job: “Imagine the Life you want to Live then Live It! (it’s that simple)”.  I can see that I am living the life (sorta) though I’d love to have some Admin person hired to assist me with the details of putting orders together and keeping up on mundane tasks.  That is not my strong suit!  Oh well, someday I won’t be pulling orders I hope.  In the meantime as I pull my orders, I say little prayers for those whose cards I’m pulling (for Anne or for Ryan etc….) and think kind thoughts!!

I went to Flowercraft today after shipping off a few orders.  Walked around and around trying to decide what to purchase for a drawing/painting session.  I finally settled on a healthy looking red hot salvia and 2 of the purplish blue salvias.  Even bought a clay pot and repotted all into it.  They look great.  I love the contrast of the colors on the flowers plus the size of the leaves.  Just finished drawing it for 45 minutes plus.  Decided I’ll get the paints out tomorrow evening to work on it.  So far so good on my Birthday month challenge of drawing and/or painting each day in the month of September!  I’ve got some new designs out of this already!!

So what’s been a recent red letter day for you??!!??

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