all a twitter!

On Monday night I attended a meeting of the BALA (Bay Area Licensing Artists) and Surface Pattern Design Guild.  The topic was on using Social Media for expanding your business.  There was a panel discussion with 3 women, all who had lots of experience with various forms of social media.  I learned that twitter wasn’t as scary as I’ve always considered it.  One of the women flat out told how Twitter, literally, changed her life!  Now I’m not planning on that happening to me (I’ve already been through the BIG change up) but I was intrigued enough to sign up for my own twitter account when I got home that night.  Since then I’ve been playing around with it at various times throughout the day.  I’m up to following 33 and 14 followers!  It all happens so fast…it’s immediate!  Even more so than facebook, it seems.  I felt like I needed to check it out, in order to stretch beyond my boundaries/comfort level.  I feel like I’ve just entered into another world as I’ve been so easily connected to people all over the world…all amazing folks!  It seems that I read then click on a link, read another tweet, click again, see a notice that someone new is following me, click to see their website…etc…there is SO much stuff out on the web!!  OMG, I could get sucked into this but try to limit myself.

Speaking of limiting myself, I’m going to stop here and go watch Jon Stewart with my husband!

You can find me at peg_conley on twitter!  tweet on!!

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