All packed and ready to go + seeing through the fog!

I’m heading up to the NW tomorrow.  Can’t wait to get up to summer weather, not to mention hanging with Emily (I’m staying with my daughter in Seattle) and visiting many friends plus kids.  Tomorrow will be a looooong day of driving.  All the way to Portland (10-11 hours).  I’ve never done that all in one day by myself so tomorrow will be a first.  Hoping to leave around 7:30am.  Car is all packed, suitcase packed.  Just have my backpack to fill with watercolor stuff and I’ll be ready.  Good friends Eve and Paul live in Portland and I’ll stay with them tomorrow and drop off my cars load of product and set up for the Far West Nursery Trade Show where I’ll be exhibiting next week (Thursday -Saturday the 22nd-24th).

Thursday morning I’ll depart for Seattle, a drive I know well from my Carpet Sales Queen days when I was a rep and covered both WA and OR which really meant Seattle and Portland.  I did that I-5 drive pretty much every 2 weeks like clockwork.  I’m headed up to meet Stack & Co, my reps in the Pacific NW at their showroom.  The Seattle Gift Show starts tomorrow so I’ll be able to meet everyone plus write some good orders!

Lots of good things going on…I’m keeping myself so busy that I’m not taking the time to chronicle what’s happening with W&W as much as I’d like to…if you are reading this, go check out my facebook page.  I have one for Words and Watercolors plus my own, peg conley.  Check them out.  “like” and or “friend” me!

Last Friday I received an email from Wild Birds Unlimited and was informed that Words and Watercolors is now an approved vendor!!  I applied early this year.  This information doesn’t guarantee anything save the info on all the franchises’s for Wild Birds and the ability to contact them.  But for me, I took it as a good sign that I am growing!!

I’m going to close with some pics of Mark and I on a hike on Sunday.  We went up Sneath Lane.  It’s a 1.5 mile uphill, 3 miles round trip, with the reward on sunny days being an expansive view of the Pacific Ocean when you reach the top.  A typical August day, we were walking in the fog for much of the hike.  It was windy, cool and wet!  We got to the very top and couldn’t see past the scrub brush.  Mark made an insightful comment re: even when you can’t see, you’ve got to trust that all is working out!  Lately I’ve let my own fears and doubt get the best of me, even with all the good stuff happening….I’m working daily on TRUSTING  that I’m doing what I’m sposed to be doing (I do think/feel/believe that just wish the financial cash flow worked better…that’s what I’m challenged to trust!).

I hope you are able to always see past any fog that settles in your midst…..

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