almost ready for Launch!

Sarah has been a very busy person as she has been cranking on getting the “Words and Watercolor” website ready to Launch this Friday, October 15th. I can’t believe how much is entailed in creating a website and how detailed one has to be as well. Needless to say, I could NOT have put together this great looking site. It closely mirrors my catalog (that Sarah designed also).

To say I’m excited is a complete understatement…overwhelmed, scared, nervous, worried, etc…are all words that accurately define the butterflies in my stomach. Kinda like the Denver New Age Trade show when I was so nervous that first morning prior to the show opening. I had the mistaken expectation that my booth would be flooded with buyers all marveling at this new card line that was being introduced. Instead, there weren’t many visitors (slow day, booth in the back, unknown vendor…etc…) that day and the ones who did come through I probably scared away with my overexcitement. Thankfully my daughter, Emily, was with me and was able to calm me down.

I’m aware now that I will be the one to have to generate the buzz around this website. How to do that? I’ll be trying various approaches….open to any and all ideas from anyone as well.

A BIG, BIG, Thank-you goes out to Sarah for all of her diligence in getting this complete, working through the merchant account (paypal) situation with me (I was so frustrated), figuring out how to use the videos and making it an award winning (if I do say so myself) site.

Check it out on Friday the 15th! An Ominous Day for sure!

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