Atlanta Gift Show-January ’14

What a way to start the year…joining the tens of thousands of people who descend on Atlanta for the Gift Show.   The temps opened January 9th.  I flew in on the 7th, set up the booth with Cheryl Karpen of Gently Spoken (we shared a booth) on the 8th and on the 9th we were ready to meet all the fabulous people that would be walking the aisles!

It’s a long show.  5 days.  Hours are 9-6 each day with 9-2 on the last day.   Now that it’s over and I’ve returned home, I’m happy to do a little recap.

Sharing a booth was definitely the way to go.  Not only is it more cost effective, it’s way more fun to have someone else sharing the long hours with you.  Cheryl and I met at the Vegas Gift Show last January.  At the time we were both with a rep group that had all of its vendors exhibiting in their large space.  Cheryl and I had booths adjacent to each other and we found that our products were not only complementary but buyers often purchased from both of us.  We began talking then about doing shows and sharing booth space.  This is the first time we did so and hopefully not the last.

I’m really too tired to write any more so will attach photos.  A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say.  I will say I know that business will grow as a result of my  exhibiting here.  Not only did I write orders, meet new people and have fun, I also met and talked to reps interested in carrying the line, met and talked to someone who can help with an online presence (I need all the help I can get) and discussed a few licensing opportunities.  All is all it was a very good show.  And I’m very glad to be in the comfort of my own home!

just beginning set up setting up the booth, thanks to Cheryl's merchandizing it looks great! Boxed Notes and Memo List Pads, my fans Cheryl's product line is very complementary to W&W Peg does yoga to pass the time Sharon and Cheryl Sharon from Branches packed up and ready for Vegas



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