back in SF

(Began this blog entry Wednesday morning…..January 25th)

I’m sitting in a room at my new printer’s office.  I’ve been sequestered here since yesterday.  I forgot that doing “proofs” for offset is waaaaay different than “proofs” for digital.  Once I “OK” by signing my name and date, to a proof sheet, the printer runs the required amounts on those cards (500 sheets) before we begin the process of evaluating the next sheet.  I find it is taking about 3 to 4 different rounds of “proofs” before I sign the sheet.  It takes skill to know the press and know what colors to add and subtract on the press in order to hit the right color.  It’s definitely a process…so here I sit between “proofs”.  Thankfully can keep busy with my phone, computer and a long “to do” list.

I’m ever so grateful to be back in San Francisco though I did enJOY my travels AND seeing family!! Being able to spend a good 2 days with my Mom (who turns 94 in a few weeks!) was wonderful. She’s my inspiration in life….she always sees the good in everyone and everything.  I got to see both my brothers when home in Lafayette (Indiana) too.  I stayed with my brother Tom and Dennis popped in on his drive from Ann Arbor (where he used to live) to Austin (where he and his family have relocated).  Sadly, I didn’t get to play with my sister Beth as the snow storm last Friday prevented her from driving down to Chicago to meet me (and our cousins) for the weekend.  Nor did I get to see my sister Mary Alice because she and Jim were in Aruba (their daughter is living there).  I feel blessed to have the support and love of my extended family.  We did have a very FUN O’Grady cousins party last Saturday night in Chicago…one of these days planning for an O’Grady cousins party in the wine country!

I absolutely LOVED being in Chicago.  I had so much fun as I walked to the Merchandise Mart in the Snow on Friday afternoon and returned in more snow at 6pm.  I love snow and winter but also love the fact that it is not a daily thing for me to deal with the elements.

It’s now Saturday morning and I’m finally getting back to my blog posting.  I decided I’ll just post a bunch of pics and tell the story of my trip visually!

Also I am in a bit of overwhelm as I’m sitting here with a stack of orders waiting to be inputed into Quick Books then pulled and shipped off.  A process…and I need to be patient with myself and trust it will all get done.

enJOY the pics!

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