back to basics

Words and Watercolors started out as greeting cards and I’ve been lucky enough to grow into other product (my boxed notes, list pads, wrapping paper) as well as license my art for coasters and quilting fabric.  I’m getting back to basics right now as I work on designing NEW cards.  My discipline of doing a “painting of the week” this year (and posting them on my Peg Conley/Facebook) has provided me with LOTS of images to choose from.  Currently I’m trying to narrow down the selection.  I had 38 painting that I had made into cards.  I need to winnow that down considerably.  Will be saving some for introductions in the spring/summer.

I love the “Fountain of Youth” painting!  Look for a funny sentiment paired with it!

I won’t give the others away, you’ll just have to check back (probably after January) to see the new cards added to the website!


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