bandwagon fan enjoys Giants parade!

A perfect sunny, summer like day on November 4th (I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the idea that it is warmer in November than July?!?…it feels like summer NOW?, but I’m not complaining….just saying), the day that thousands thronged the streets of downtown SF to cheer and rally and celebrate the Giants World Series Win.  I took the T line down with Sarah.   Sporting our Giants gear as we hopped on,  we discovered we didn’t have to pay!  Giants fans riding free (and all muni lines packed!) that day.  Exiting at the Montgomery street station, we walked up the steps and right out into the crowd.  Over an hour before the parade was to start; we were jockeying for a good location to view the street but already we were too late for front, second or third rows back….we were about 5 to 6 deep into the crowd.  Saw more shoulders and arms up shooting pics than we did of actual parade…thankfully the Players were riding up high in the motorized cable cars.  Overall, you could feel the buzz in the air that was the “magic” of the Season and the group of “misfits and ragtag players”.  Everyone was smiling in the sea of orange and black.  I hoped for some of the good juju to rub off on me as I create my own little company with hopes to see it grow big.  Giants overcame odds to not only get into the play offs but then take it all!  We can all learn lessons from their conviction and belief and never give up the dream…that took them there…that plus there selfless “team” spirit.  They truly were working together as one unified unit.  No one person looming larger than the others.  After the parade, Sarah, Chris and I drifted down to grab some lunch…we remarked on how the sports analogy of this “team” will most likely reign supreme in the Corporate world as people try to inspire their “teams” and push others to greatness.  Let’s hope we can all take some of that magic into our hearts!     Thanks Giants for the INSPIRATION!!!

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