Book Submitted!

I have to say, I’m so pea-picken proud of myself…just returned from picking up collated copies of my book with the title of:

Imagine the Life you want to Live,

then Live It!

(It’s that Simple).

Subtitle is: 52 inspired ideas to open up your imagination, tap into your creativity and unlock your inner genius.

Sent the book over to the publisher, Viva Press, today as well.  Like any birthing process, this has had a gestation process of 9 months plus!  I’m sending a copy to Emily, my daughter, as she is a natural when it comes to editing.  Keeping a copy for myself and one for another friend who will read and review.  I’m sure there will be rewrites once the publisher begins her process but hopefully not too much.  This is scheduled to be published next fall.  I can’t wait to see it in print and you can bet will be doing my best to promote and talk it up!

I’ve been so focused on meeting my writing deadline on top of everything else that I feel like quite the busy bee and a little crazed actually.  Heading to Houston in 2 weeks for the Quilt Market, another industry to explore and discover as my first quilting fabric collection, based on my watercolors, is being introduced this fall with a 2nd coming in the spring.  I’ll be a vendor at the Market selling my cards, boxed notes, list pads and wrapping paper to the Retailers who attend.  Tomorrow another day of teaching watercolor at a workshop at Orchard Nursery in Lafayette, CA.  I absolutely love inspiring others to “play” with their creativity and am always amazed at the impressive artwork that results.  On top of all this, I need to start designing new cards for the new year.  I’ve just signed up to do both Atlanta and Vegas gift shows in January.

As my book suggests, Imagine the Life you want…I’ve always wanted to live this “creative” life as I call it but had no idea how to do it.  I say, more than once in the book, that when you get clear on what it is you want the Universe works its magic and walla opportunities come to you out of nowhere, synchronicity happens and before you know it, you’re right in the middle of living that best life, as Oprah calls it!

So given all that, I’m off to eat some dinner and then prepare for tomorrow’s workshop!

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