business and birthday

It’s September…my favorite month as I celebrate my birthday, September 28th, for each and every one of the 30 days in the month!  For my birthday challenge this year, I decided to do the same challenge I’ve done in years past, which is draw and/or paint each day.  Sometimes that means a quick 15 minute sketch in my journal, other times I’m spending an hour or more working on a drawing that becomes a painting.  I always manage to create a few gems that become future greeting cards plus feel like I enhance my drawing skills.  It’s a good practice and one I try to continue after September but I’m more apt to let a day or three slide when it’s October!

As for business growth, I’m committed to making Words and Watercolors grow into the vision I’ve held for many years of my artwork on multiple products!  There’s a lot of unknowns still to be worked out but with hiring TD Back Office to help me, I’m on my way!  We’ve been working together since July 1st.  It’s been good on many levels as I’m no longer chief cook and bottle washer, as they say.  Turning over the reins of entering orders, sending invoices, going to the bank with deposits, entering credit card info into merchant bank account, and all the other minutiae of running a business has freed me up to be the CEO, a title that sounds overwhelming, still, to me.  I’m working at learning what that means however, to be CEO of a million (multi-million) dollar company  Writing it commits to making it happen (not there yet but headed that way).

The sketch of frogs in my journal is a visual that came to me in a dream where I saw lots of frogs leaping hither and yonder.  I woke up thrilled to consider that they were a reflection of my business which was about to “leap frog” off the charts in growth!!  I work well with visuals and couldn’t wait to commit the idea in the dream to paper.  With that I’m going to be rib bit, rib bitting all the way to the bank with the growth from W&W expanding into new territories and new products…my goal for this new year!  So birthday present to self is a pond full of frogs jumping round in wild abandon spouting all the successes past, present and future!  (an imaginary pond but one just as powerful none the less!)……rib it!!

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