Busy Bee

Busy Busy Busy….I know I’m not alone when lamenting all there is to do and not enough time to do it all in.  On one hand, I’m happy that I’ve got this problem as it makes me think that I AM going to achieve all my goals.  Words and Watercolors IS going to be all that I want it to be (well represented throughout the country with stores signing up daily…new product introductions…bigger than Mary Englebreit!).  On the other hand, this business is playing havoc with my exercise, writing and painting….which are all necessary activities for me as they inspire the “words and watercolors”.  As my Libra self is constantly striving for, I’m trying to find the appropriate balance.  Thankful that I made it to my 7:30am yoga class today.   After I click “publish” on this posting, I’m planning to go out to the kitchen and work on a watercolor.  So today, at least, I’ll be in balance.

The Armstrong Garden Center PO came through on Friday!!  Yeah!!!  I’ve talked to the wire rack distributor, got the reps ready to service the account and just have to fulfill the orders (4 stores!).  I’ve promised myself that I’ll have the orders shipped by Friday.  I want to have a quick turn around not to mention that I’ll be busy Saturday through Tuesday as my daughter Emily will be visiting me.  I can’t wait to celebrate her 21st birthday with her and Ryan, her boyfriend.  They are flying in Saturday afternoon.  We’ll be “busy bees” as we play “tourists” in the city (San Francisco) and have fun just hanging.

One last thing, I did so well last September when I had challenged myself to paint or draw every day.  I only missed 2 days the entire month.  I decided to implement that discipline again for April.  It’s only April 6th and I’ve already missed one day.  Clearly a case of me being much “busier” this month than in September!  I do know, however, that I can get alot done when I’m doing alot…does that make sense?  When in college, my roommate Joan and I devised “the more the more” theory.  Which basically stated that “the more you drank, the more you drank”; “the more you ate, the more you ate”; “the more you slept, the more you slept”; well you get the gist.  As a single Mom working in the Corporate Sales world, I was very busy but still found time to paint, exercise and write in my journal.  Not as often as I would like but still when setting my mind to it, I could do it.  It’s all about discipline.  Do you have discipline?  How can it be a positive for you?  How has being disciplined helped you??

That’s it for now…off to be disciplined and play with my paints!!!









































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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