busy busy busy bee

I’ve been buzzing around flitting from one thing to another as I go about preparing for 2012!  I have the sense that it is going to be a breakthrough, huge year for words and watercolors!!  My confidence level has increased a zillion times over where it was about a year ago as I was still so hesitant about living my dream.  I look back at this year and am quite amazed with all the foundation that was built as I added new designs, reps and rep groups, attended shows and shipped orders.  Sales and repeat sales has me believing that this venture will continue to grow and I can’t wait to see what surprises are in store for 2012.

On my plate recently has been researching printer options as I want to shift from digital (which allows for shorter runs but has higher prices) to offset (which brings the cost down but then inventory and warehouse becomes issues to consider).  I’ve been talking to a few printers and hopefully feel as if I’m getting closer to finding the one that will be a great partner.  In addition to printers, I’m considering what new products I can add for 2012.  My 2012 Calendar is the last one I will have done with Brush Dance.  I hope to create my own for 2013.  In addition to 2013 calendars, I want to bring out boxed notes.  My Seattle rep, Suzie Gildea, suggested boxed notes of my Anytime cards.  Funny enough, as I was researching pricing last week, I got a phone call from Carol at Alden Lane Nursery who wanted to purchase more Anytime cards…because someone had come in and asked for those cards in boxed notes!  I love the affirmation that I’m on the right track!!

I’m grateful that this is December and with that a slowed down time for orders.  It’s giving me the time to do the research on printers, costs of products  plus make travel arrangements for January (Atlanta and Chicago Gift Shows), pick up my 25 new designs from printer, get new catalogs printed, and get all new product out to reps and showrooms.  Whew.  Oh yeah, hopefully will solve the problem of inventory, order fulfillment and warehousing with an idea from Sarah.  She owns a house across the street where her Mom lived for some time.  Now her Mom is in a nursing home and she and Chris have renters in the house.  One of the girls renting maybe the solution to order fulfillment and the basement over there can be the extra space I need since my 2nd bedroom/warehouse is about maxed out.  It’s all working out….and I’m grateful for the idea to “wonder” about solutions rather than stress about problems.

It being the end of the year, I’m looking forward to taking some time to assess what happened in 2011 and prepare for 2012 with clear goals and intentions.  I began the process last Friday when on a hike with my friends Steve and Lauren.  We’ve been doing some accountability with each other this fall on goal setting.  As we walked through one of my favorite parks here in San Francisco on a beautiful, sunny, afternoon talking about what we hope to accomplish in 2012 we stumbled upon the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater at the Park.  I saw that stage and couldn’t wait to jump up and proclaim to all the (empty) seats my goals for 2012!  It took some convincing but Steve and Lauren joined me in talking to the audience!!  What have you been thinking about for your 2012 year?  It’s going to be a HUGE year!!  Plan to make it an amazing one!


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