busy little bee

I’m so “pea picken proud” (a phrase I loved and lifted from an old friend in Indiana years ago) of myself for having been so dedicated to the creation of cards yesterday.  I spent a good number of hours sitting on my comfortable couch, laptop open, legs up on the coffee table as I deftly maneuvered round photoshop and Indesign pulling in images, adding text, naming files and trying to be rather organized as I went along (as Sarah taught me).   I had intended to exercise (walk briskly) in the morning and dressed in my usual attire of long sleeve T and Adidas pants.  I kept putting off the walk, however, and before I knew it the clock read 4:45pm and I had to get dressed to go to my Art94124 meeting.  From there I went to the Commonwealth Club for the 3rd in series of Self Publishing Panel Discussions (very good…I’ll write more later on that one).

Tomorrow I’ll be up in Petaluma working at the Riverfront Art Gallery for the early shift (10:30am -2pm).  Then I’m going to visit Copperfields Bookstore and meet with the card buyer.  They have quite an extensive card section and carry Brush Dance cards so I thought it might be a good place for me to get feedback on my work.  Fingers crossed I hear positive.

I’ve been considering the fact that I have so many florals in my card line.  I will try to augment with other images of moons, trees, seashells, etc..but it will take some time to paint/scan/create those.  My florals come from 6 years of producing calendars with the title of “In the Garden”.  Yesterday I told myself that I don’t have to apologize for having florals.  That’s what I like to paint!  I just need to find like minded communities that will appreciate that subject line.  I joined the Botanical Garden at UC Berkley last summer.  I’m going to make an appt with their gift shop buyer and get their feedback.  Maybe I focus on Botanical Garden’s to start?  Just some marketing ruminations.  I’m open to other suggestions/advice.

It’s currently raining cats and dogs.  I do hope by end of day it slows down so I can do my postponed walk from yesterday!

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