busy week, my new “baby” and new sketches/watercolors

It’s always amazing to me how fast that 4 day week zips by after a 3 day Holiday weekend.  This week was no exception.  I can’t believe it is Saturday again.  Mark and I are headed out later this morning to San Jose.  Sysco holds their annual Sales Award Banquet this evening  and Mark is going to be getting an award this year!  Back in “President’s Club” 2 years after building his business upon his return from his 10 month adventure in Seattle !  We are taking our bikes and have already mapped out (thanks to google) a ride for today down there and tomorrow going to head to Monterey and do the 17 mile drive.  Should be scenic views for me to sketch/photograph which may translate into a watercolor at a later date.

I met my friend Aimee on Monday afternoon.  Catching up with our lives, she shared with me some revelations she’s had in being a new Mother (Lois, her darling baby girl, was born in February this year).  As she talked, I realized that “words and watercolors” is my new baby!  I laughed when I shared that idea with her and told her I need to have patience with this infant!  Like all new Mom’s, I’m overwhelmed with all the work needed to make this “baby” get on it’s feet.  I’m wondering if it will ever be able to “walk” on it’s own.  I also want it to be further along than it is at this moment.  From the perspective of having children in their 20’s, I know that kids grow up fast and that we can miss part of the joys in daily living as we anxiously look towards milestones we think they should achieve rather than just enJOYing the moments.  Right then and there I pledged to myself to TRY and enJOY the moments that growing this business entails.  I need lots of patience and trust that this will manifest in a way that can sustain itself (and me).  Maybe I need to hold and soothe my “baby” some days rather than pull my hair out with the frustrations that these cards are not in every store in the country!?!  I recall some wine jingle “nothing good happens fast” and tell myself to be grateful for the planting of seeds that I’m doing these days…keep taking the orders that are slowly trickling in.  Again, Mark’s advice to get up every day and put one foot in front of the other is what is needed.  Can’t wait till my baby is a toddler though!

I’m adding a few more watercolors/sketches from my sketch/paint a day challenge.  So far so good!  Next week is going to get tough as I head back to Indiana.  Commitment and persistence!  I’ll do this!

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