busy week

I can’t believe it is Friday again…and the last time I wrote was last Friday.  Granted the Memorial Day Holiday was in there complete with Kathy and Rob’s visit but still!  Sarah and I reviewed the proofs and made some minor changes to the cards on Tuesday.  We also designed a new business card for me, discussed the trade show booth in Denver (still have to finalize that ) and went round and round about Holiday cards.  Do I do them or not?  Most cards are sold in boxes and the cost doesn’t really pencil out.  I’m still noodling that decision over.

Met with Andrienne on Weds morning.  This is another wonderful development that I’ve been meaning to discuss.  Andrienne and I met at the SF small business week networking event for women entreprenuers.  We have a lot in common in that we are both launching companies and both have track records in the Corporate World.  Andrienne’s expertise is in Finance (CFO) and Operations; mine is in Sales.  We both are confident in our areas of expertise but both feel concerned about our lack of experience in the other area!  Thankfully we decided to we can help each other.  We’ve met twice already and this week came up with a format for structure in our meetings going forward.  We’ll each get time to share our expertise as well as be vulnerable with sharing what we need help with.  We felt a synergy from the beginning and feel confident that we’ll help each other even though our businesses our totally different.

Last but not least, tomorrow is ArtsFest 3!  Yesterday afternoon and most of today has been spent in preparation for the big day!  It’s a street fair on Fairfax, between 3rd and Phelps, from noon to 5.  (I’m one of the “core” group of ART94124 volunteers.  ART94124 is a non profit with the mission to bring art and community together in the Bayview.) Tomorrow you’ll find…Live music throughout the day along with cyclecide, flaming lotus girls, art activities, a writing table, 30 vendor booths, food and “hop” soda (beer!).  Our Gallery will have an opening of our 3 themed show with glass artists, fine artist and crafts all on exhibit/for sale.  I did 3 watercolors for the fine arts show and must say I love them!  A bit of a different subject matter, I painted my urban environment here in “hood”.  I became fascinated with the power lines and that is common link in all 3 paintings.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get them done in time to have them scanned before I got them framed and matted last Friday so they truly are “originals”.  I’ll take photos and post so you can see them!  Most of all, I’m excited because Emily, my daughter, is flying in tomorrow morning from Seattle to participate in the event with me.  I’ll have a booth as well selling my old cards and other things in addition to some of Emily and Bob’s (her brother/my son) work.  Emily paints with acrylics and Bob has developed a unique way of silkscreening.  I’ll try to post photos early next week, but in the meantime, you can check out last years event by looking on our website plus see a few of the acts that will be there tomorrow: http://www.art94124.com/artsfest3.html

till next time!

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