can’t sleep

Decided to get up after tossing and turning for a good while.  I kept thinking of things I wanted to blog about…might as well get up and do so rather than try to recall in the morning, I figured.

First off, grateful to have internet access back.  Comcast showed up this morning (Monday, after no service since Friday) and did whatever they do to make my home page open once again when I hit the Safari icon.  Here’s what I would have written about Saturday if I had the internet connection: I attended the “New Living Expo” Friday afternoon, thanks to the recommendation from Tiffany (my “leave the details to me” gal).  It’s a “New Agey” kind of thing with many booths selling wares and various speakers talking on a variety of subjects.  Tiffany had suggested that possibly next year I might have a booth.  Great idea, I thought so I strolled through the aisles getting a feel of the types of products that were being promoted.  One could purchase healing stones, jewelry, purified water, various energy drinks, and clothing apparel.  There was even a Mary Kay cosmetic booth!   I was surprised that with the exception of a booth with lovely Silk Art, there were no booths that had greeting cards and/or art prints of any kind.  I could see myself with a booth next year.  Surely if one comes to such an event, one would be willing to dole out a few bucks for a beautiful card with a thoughtful message?

I also had fun strolling through the aisle with booths of psychics, palm readers, etc…I was waived in to one booth by a very aggressive psychic who was intent on telling me my “hearts desire” as she put it.  My husbands skepticism was seeping through as I laughed with her and told her no over and over.   “You write me check for $40.”  If she had been able to utter one fascinating piece of information that she couldn’t have known, I might have considered but telling me I looked beautiful (with my grey hair) and could be a model felt like too much of a line and I walked away laughing and holding on to my checkbook.  I then came across a booth which offered various readings for free for the first one and $5. for the second.  That was exactly what I was looking for as 2 wonderful women did a “blessing” with me.  They were right on in their impressions of what was going on with me and as the three of us sat in a corner and talked we could all feel the heat building within and around us as they shared their insights and prayed for the good of my new business venture.  It was definitely a powerful experience reminding me of my Shaman Circle in Seattle.  I walked away content.

Tomorrow I’ll post my note about my writing group meeting tonight and thoughts on my very “shitty first draft” excerpt of Stepping into a New Life at Midlife.  Hopefully now I can return to sleep!

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