A little over a year ago I had a little sit down with myself…some brainstorming was in order as I was working through the direction of  Words and Watercolors.  I pulled out a big Newsprint pad, my colored makers and started scribbling, both words and drawings on the pages.  I wrote down goals and envisioned, with clarity, steps to take…I came to the conclusion that I would continue to grow my card line and introduce new products but I was also open to licensing my art for additional product.  About a month later, at the Stationery Show in NYC, I had a few inquiries about licensing my art.  I was thrilled with the possibilities for taking my art to another level.  And even more thrilled when I was able to convert the lead to an actual opportunity.  Clothworks, a quilting manufacturer located in Seattle, gave me a chance to provide a “collection”.  Sarah, the graphic designer extraordinaire, who has been instrumental in helping me create the “brand” of Peg Conley, and I came up with a collection and it was accepted!  That fabric will be available this fall.  (That will be another post).

After the success with the quilting fabric license, I saw some coasters and thought to myself, “I could do that”…I noted that CoasterStone was the manufacturer and they were located in Carmel, Indiana (a suburb north of Indianapolis).  Being from Indiana, I thought I would call them and ask if they license art from artists.  I called.  They did.  And I began a conversation that day with Emily Reece, who is in charge of licensing for the company.  I pitched my product.  When I went home to Indiana to visit my Mom a few months later, I was able to meet Emily in person.  From there we discussed what kind of series we could develop from my art.  She took my catalog and came up with some ideas.  I proposed 3 different series, one from my florals, one from beach related scenes and one from my quilting fabric collection.  She accepted all 3 and walla…they are now posted on their website and available for order.  Check them out!  Order some for gifts!!


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