computer issues result in “upgrade”

What a week it’s been!

We got home Monday night from a trip to Florida and our key wouldn’t work in our front door.  A very old lock that finally, stubbornly refused to let us in.  It was 11:30pm, west coast time and we’d been adjusted to  east coast time so were not happy campers  for that reason alone.  We called landlord, called locksmith and an hour later got inside with our suitcases and backpacks.  Fell into bed and slept a few hours.

Tuesday morning I woke up and knew I needed to address my laptop that had been acting “wonky”.  Performance had gotten progressively worse and I was not able to do anything on my laptop as it kept acting up.  I went to the Genius Bar at the Apple store and was told it was the track pad but if there was water damage it could be worse.  Yes, there had been water damage 2 years prior I explained (my cat had knocked over a cup of tea on the keyboard, that’s another story, but at least at that time I got the laptop restored and working).  So rather than wait a few days for them to tell me it was bad, I opted to purchase a new laptop and get the data transfer started.  I was on edge when I was also told that the data transfer doesn’t cover 3rd party software, which meant my Microsoft suite of stuff, Adobe indesign/photoshop, Quick Books etc.  Also said it would be up to 2 days for the transfer to happen.  Thankfully Mykael Eugene, who was assisting me at Apple, could tell I was on the verge of tears and said he’d personally make sure the back up happened that day.  I realize how connected I am to technology and how I can easily fall apart when it goes bad…and the thought of trying to get it all back and working the way it used to was overwhelming me.   I had a business to run, I tried to explain, invoices I needed to print and mail out, new orders that needed to be entered and sent off to my printer, (who does fulfillment for me) and emails to respond to (I did that on my phone).  About this time, I was wishing I was not a solo entrepreneur.  Mykael Eugene, true to his word, had my laptop and time machine ready for pick up at the end of the day.  More problems when I got home.  When I plugged in the time machine the wireless wasn’t working.  We had had problems with our Comcast internet in the fall.  At that time they sent us a new modem but did not schedule someone to install it.  The old modem somehow fixed itself so we went along our merry way.  Now that we couldn’t get the wireless to work, we called Comcast again.  Spent an agonizing amount of time on hold and then talked to a technician for a long time, unplugging and plugging everything back in and out a few times.  Nothing seemed to work so thankfully we were able to have a technician come out the following morning.  He unpacked the box with upgraded modem that was sent to us last fall and installed that for us.   I finally began to breathe as I slowly and methodically got things moving in the right direction after Mr. Comcast left!  I was able to restore my Quick Books.  Got my printer disc installed and back online with my wireless printer.  Microsoft Office and Adobe back up and running as well.  I hope this lasts me for a long time as I really dislike being interrupted with technology issues.

I’m telling myself I’ve been “upgraded”…new computer, new comcast modem…who knows where it will all lead.  That word came to me as I was telling someone my plight yesterday.  I felt they (angels/guides) were whispering to me the reason for all the chaos. I just wish things didn’t have to feel so awful before they get better again!

I’m going to focus on the “upgrade” and keep that front and center as I go about the next few days.  Maybe this “upgrade” will allow W&W to move ahead further and faster…as I’ve been wishing!!


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