I got an email this morning from a good friend in Seattle.  She had read my blog and was amazed I was reading a book by James Arthur Ray.  She went on to say that he was the guy that had been arrested in Arizona for manslaughter after 3 people died in a sweat lodge at a workshop he was conducting.  As soon as I read that I recalled hearing about the story but I didn’t know that this author was the guy.  Yikes!!  There goes a great deal of credibility.  Interesting, I thought this morning, as we read in his book about the importance of living in integrity.  Wonder how he feels about integrity these days?  I considered deleting that entire blog but then thought maybe it better that I acknowledge I have read the book with interest and will most likely continue but will definitely be reading with a more open eye.   My heart goes out to those that experienced loss of life and pain from that ordeal.

On a brighter note, the SF Small Business week was a success.  I attended 3 workshops and last nights networking event/panel discussion for Successful Women Innovators.  It was good for me to be in business clothes with a name tag that read “Words & Watercolors”.  The more I explained that I was launching a line of greeting cards, the more confident I became in this process.  I met a few interesting people.  One woman in particular who has a software company and who is trying to get past her fear of sales.  She has loads of comfort in the world of operations however, which I fear.  We are going to get together and see how we might help each other with our respective skill sets.  The panel discussion was invigorating as well with the main themes being 1. live your passion 2. stay true to yourself 3. reach out and ask for help.

Also making great headway with the cards.  I’ve got them all named, numbered and ready to go.  Meeting with Sarah tomorrow and hope she’ll be able to get them “printer ready” for sometime next week.  I discovered this evening that there is a trade show in Denver in late June that I’m going to try  and attend.  I’ll find out tomorrow if I can join as an exhibitor at this late date.  If so it will be a great way to kick off the business!  It’s the International New Age Trade Show.  “New age, specialty, and on-line retailers, herbalists, healing arts and natural food stores, gift stores, mainstream and metaphysical book stores; mail order/catalog houses; spas and spa gift shops; health practitioners; and chain stores from across the U.S.A. and foreign countries.”  That quote taken from the website.  It looks like it would be the perfect venue for me.  fingers crossed!

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