Diablo Valley Quilt Show!

Thrilled beyond belief to have the actual fabric to show from “Nature’s Glory”…my first quilting fabric collection!!  The Diablo Valley Quilt show is this weekend.  I had just received the fabric needed to make the quilt that Clothworks, mfg of the quilt fabric, put together for promotion piece.  I relished each and every one of the  many and varied positive comments I heard about the collection!!  “Gorgeous”, “Stunning”, “Great Hand”, “I would do                   with it!”, “I want to make a tablecloth with this one”, and the most common, “Where can I get this?”.  I’m working on that answer.  Clothworks sells wholesale.  I’ve got a quilt store here in SF who said she planned to purchase the collection and people could order from her.  Once I know she’s placed the order, I’ll provide her info.

Though I didn’t sell the fabric, I did sell a boatload of boxed notes, greeting cards and everyone’s favorite the wrapping/crafting paper, as I like to call it.  Again, I hear more “this is too pretty to wrap a present with”…and then they purchase 10 sheets!  I think alot of it will be hanging on walls (easy to spray mount on foam core board) and lining shelves, back of hutches, old trays, drawers, etc…also cut and laminated for placemats!


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