Divine Reciprocity

It’s been 2 weeks since I wrote a post…that reflects how busy I’ve been…that and the cold that finally caught up with me last week prevented me from getting to this blog posting.  Last Thursday evening, after attending the annual “Imagine Bus Project” fundraiser (a charity that Words and Watercolors supports) I was inspired to write this post, it’s only taken nearly another week to commit thoughts to computer (as opposed to pen to paper).

The weekend before I’d been a participant at Open Studios at the Shipyard with other Bayview Opera House Artists.  We’d been together mid October weekend at the Bayview Opera House and we had the opportunity to use the Auditorium in Bldg 101 of the Shipyard the last weekend of October.  Malik, a renowned local artist, exhibited with me at both places.   Checking out the silent Auction items last Thursday, I bumped into Malik.  He was there because he’s one of the Artist’s that Imagine Bus Project hires to work with the kids.  He does alot of teaching/working with kids, I’ve learned, at different venues in the city.  I was explaining to him that I had been invited because of my belief in giving back, actually I was a donor.  I choose Imagine Bus Project along with ArtSeed as the 2 non-profits that I wanted to donate money to out of profits of Words and Watercolors.  I had been inspired by reading “Newman’s Own”, a book about the beginning days of Paul Newman’s food empire.  The conclusion of the book, at least for me, was that if you donate a % of profits (in Paul’s case all of them but I don’t have the same financial resources as Paul and his partner) it’s good for you and for your business and for the entities that receive the generosity.  I made a decision right then and there that if I could get my business up and running (this was while I was still in the what am I doing stage?), I would donate a % of profits to charities.  Believe me, it’s not alot right now but as Laura, with Imagine Bus, tells me it’s all put to good use and she appreciates my once a month checks, no matter the small size…they do add up.  So Malik and I are talking about all this and he’s nodding his head in the affirmative and then states “it’s all flow”.  He’s moving his arms and as they reflect the cycling in and out effect of that flow he says he calls it “Divine Reciprocity”.  I agree.  It’s all about flow and keeping things in the flow.  When you stop the flow then you stagnate.  I’m thinking to myself that I’m really beginning to challenge myself with this flow business as Words and Watercolors is growing, the last 2 months I’ve been a busy little bee filling orders, and yet I wonder how/when the flow turns into the Divine and can truly begin to support itself (and me!?).  Patience.  I’m trusting that Divine Reciprocity will work out….

The fun part of doing Open Studios is the chance to talk to the fellow artists as well as the people that come by, especially the ones that buy!  My “little treasures” photo reflects my inspiring walk on Sunday.  I hadn’t exercised in over a week with my cold hindering my efforts and being busy so it was delightful to be out in the sunshine of a Sunday afternoon walking and finding Feathers, Pennies and a Button all of which hold special meaning for me.  The Feathers remind me of Spirit/Angels; Pennies are my Dad’s way of saying Hi and reminding me that Abundance is everywhere and I also find buttons which remind me that my Grandma O’Grady, who had a big tin button box, continues to believe in me and most likely is trying to guide me (She being of that strong, Irish woman stock…having left Ireland for America in the early 1900’s).

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