Em’s been visiting!!

So happy to be spending time with my daughter.  Life is good and I am truly blessed.  Em flew in on Saturday morning for ArtsFest 3.  Art94124’s big day of fun, sun, art, music, food and community building in the Bayview.  I’m going to try uploading the 3 pieces of Art I had in the Gallery Show.  You can see that I strayed from my standard floral fare!  I was over at Quesada Gardens one day and was fascinated with the light/electric pole (complete with bird on top).  Sketched/painted that and then decided to keep the theme of “urban environments” for my 3 entrants for the Gallery.

Today we get to pick up the card order!  With Em’s help, I’ve worked on what the booth design for Denver will be, chose cards that we will also offer as Matts and worked a bit on the catalog design.  I talked to Christine Witt, President of Brush Dance, this morning and I will be selling my Holiday cards and calendars that Brush Dance makes also at the Denver show.  I’m now thinking my 1/2 booth will be quite small!

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