enchanting, enthralling, enthusiastic Holidays!

We celebrated the Winters Solstice with our annual party on the Eve, Friday night the 21st.  So much fun, as always, to share food and drink with friends and then go outside to do our ritual of releasing and embracing! Michaela, a very powerful Reiki Master and Shaman, led us in the ceremony.  Anyone can do it!  I was first introduced to this concept of ritual at the Winter Solstice in 1997 when attending a Solstice party with some friends on Vashon Island, Washington.  Basically you write down what you want to release from this year (old beliefs, behaviors, thoughts, actions etc…that no longer serve you) and throw that paper(s) into the fire. As it dissolves the Universe is put on notice to assist with your request of releasing the old.  Then you write down what you want to pull in or embrace in the coming year (eating healthy, success in various areas of your life, new relationships, enjoyment of exercise, etc…the new beliefs/behaviors/thoughts and actions that will attract the circumstances) and throw that paper(s) into the fire.  It’s a powerful ceremony and I’ve been witness, over the years, to people experiencing major changes as a result of this exercise!  You can do it with the fire from a candle flame, a weber grill and charcoal or a fireplace.  Whatever suits you!

I’m excited to listen to 2014 knocking on our door and can’t wait to open it and welcome her in.  It’s going to be a great year!

Don’t you just love the adjectives used in the headline?  A friend at the Solstice party was telling me about her increased use of the word “enchantment” in her vocabulary this past year and how it has indeed brought more “enchantment” into her everyday life.  I thought what a lovely idea and such an easy way to create the magic I want to experience as well.  I’m going to try and do the same, incorporate not only enchantment/enchanting but enthralled/enthralling and enthusiasm and zeal in my daily vocabulary!  Can’t wait to see what results.  I’ll keep you posted!  Let me know what happens if you try the same!

Happy Holidays!!

Patrice and Michaela discuss the power inherent in ritual Michaela ringing her bells and calling in the directions contemplation the power in the moment OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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