feeling accomplished

Just returned from dropping off 5 boxes at FedEx.  The boxes contains all I need to set up my booth in January at the Atlanta Gift Show…cards/envelopes for the racks (those are shipping new from a vendor in Chicago), cards on colored ribbons, complete decks of cards for ordering purposes, matted cards, new catalogs, baskets to hold things, order forms….you get the picture.  I systematically went through and made sure I got what I needed.  Just after I taped up the last of the boxes complete with the FedEx labels on them I remembered…business cards!  Oh Well, I’ll have to remember to take those in my suitcase.  Thankfully they are small enough that it wasn’t a big uh oh.  I feel so darn accomplished because it takes me time to do this type of work and I’m not the most organized person so thinking through and preparing for me can be (and is) a real chore.  At least it is done and I know I’ve met the deadline of December 30th for product to be at the Atlanta Gift Show Warehouse.  Good thing is when I arrive on the 12th of January to set up my booth, all my boxes will be there waiting for me!

Onto end of the year finishing up to prepare for the BIG 2012 I feel is cooking!!  The past 18 months I’ve laid the groundwork and hoping that lots of GOOD comes Words and Watercolors way in the new year.  Momentum feels like it.  I sat down today with my notebook doing my normal Monday “To Do” list.  In addition I quickly wrote down a list of goals for 2012!  I couldn’t help myself!  It felt like they were waiting to be captured on paper.  I got excited as I reviewed the list.  It’s going to be a great year!

One thing I’ve noticed is my increased confidence level which translates into optimism and with that the belief that “Anything truly is possible!”.  Have you written down your 2012 goals yet?  Looked backwards at 2011 and patted your back for all you accomplished?  Now’s the time to do so…Well maybe next week as this is the lead up to Christmas and time for celebrating with family and friends.

I always think of this week in rich Christmas colors of deep red/green and highlighted with gold but after Christmas the colors change and I see the bold blue and sparkling silver of a New Year looming!

Merry Christmas!



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