first day of SF Gift Show

“You are definitely doing what you are supposed to be doing” stated Patty Cullen as she read through many of my cards and asked if I were Buddhist.  She owns a coffee/gift shop, Konditori,  in Portola Valley, CA.  She was my first order at the show (after a very successful chat with Bruce, the  buyer for the gift shop at Grace Cathedral who LOVED my cards and promised he’d shop online for his order).  All of this happened before 10:30am this morning (show runs from 9am -6pm).  I texted Emily at 4:15 “This is the fastest day at a gift show that I”ve ever had!  2 orders and some great contacts!”.  Honestly, I couldn’t believe it.  The day continued to fly by.  I hope this was a precedent for the remaining 3 days.  I got a lot of promises of people who are going to come back and write orders plus many, many compliments on my “beautiful work”.  I DO feel like the momentum is building…that I’m going to be the HUGE artist I’ve always planned to be.

I noticed someone looking at my cards while I was talking to someone else.  As I introduced myself, he asked how I was doing.  I told him pretty good (always wanting to maintain that positive note but hope for more).  He had on an exhibitors badge so I asked how he was doing.  He said he was with his friend and she was discouraged.  In one of the smaller booths in the handmade section, they weren’t getting traffic down their aisle.  She does jewelry (I’ve yet to go down and meet her).  He was looking at my Inspirational line and asked what card he should get for her.  I pointed out a few of my favorites.  He settled on one of my new ones, a full moon with the words  “Live Your Brilliance, Shine Your Light”.  I was willing to give it to him but he insisted on paying me for it.  Then he asked what he should write in it.  I told him to close his eyes and focus on what she needed to hear…he replied, “it’s not just about this show…there’s so much more for her.”  That’s it!  That’s what she needs to hear!!  He borrowed a pen from me to add his own inspiration to what was printed on the card and I happily thought, THAT is what I want to be doing…helping others…enriching and inspiring.

The show ended as I talked to a young couple from a co-op store like Rainbow grocery (but not Rainbow).  It was funny the amount of co-incidences today.  This young couple were both from the Midwest.  I told Patty Cullen, my first order, that I grew up on Cullen Street in Rensselaer, In!  A woman stopped by who LOVED my hydrangea card and explained that was the flower in her wedding (she looked as old as me so I figured her wedding was years ago).  Come to find out, she got married on October 18th 2 years ago!  I got married on October 18th 4 years ago!  (Mark and I were married on a Thursday because it was the same day as my parents anniversary…they would have been married 60 years on October 18th 2007), this woman laughed and said her parents anniversary was the 17th of October.  How strange is that!  She bought the card (again I was willing to give it to her) and told me we’ll think of each other on the 18th of this year.

In my meditation this morning, I asked that a magnet be placed above my booth to draw in all those that should be there.  I think it worked!!  I’ll do the same in meditation tomorrow morning as well!  (I did explain to Patty Cullen that I wasn’t a Buddhist, I was raised “Irish Catholic” yet was always interested in all things Spiritual.  My Mom always used to remark that I was her “ecumenical one” because of my constantly searching nature and reading of Eastern philosophies/religions….Patty laughed and said, “me too!”)

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