food for thought

I’m ever so grateful to get feedback from others.  I met with Christin, co-owner of the Booksmith in the Haight, along with her husband Praveen (who happens to be in my writing group).  She shared with me what works in their store for cards.  In listening to her talk about “neutral” cards, I began to realize that I should incorporate more of my moons, trees and mountains in the line I’m about to launch.  I have an abundance of floral paintings, as a result of creating calendars for Brush Dance each year.  My calendars were titled: In the Garden.  I realize, I’m not under any constraint to have the garden take over my card line and can return to capturing images of other Nature themes I adore (such as moons, mountains, etc…).  By incorporating varying images, I can, hopefully, have a line that is interesting to both men and women.  Where florals, by nature, tend to be thought of as appealing to the female gender.  Hopefully with thoughtful words partnered with “neutral” images, I’ll create a compelling line of cards that many folks, including buyers of cards for stores, will be interested in.

Thanks Christin for showing me round your card section and explaining what works for the Booksmith!

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