fruits and veggies

Saturday morning again.  Seems to be a good time to sit quietly and contemplate the blog.  Daily life continues to be so busy and I’m not making it a point to update/post a blog on a more frequent basis than weekly it seems.  I may try to do more frequent postings but then again, I may not.  As it is, here’s thoughts on my fruits and veggies!

Two weeks ago Mark and I drove up to the North Bay to get out of the rain.  That week San Francisco had it’s share of cool, rainy, cloudy days.  I thought I was living back in Seattle rather than sunny California.  We made the right choice.  As we got over the Golden Gate bridge and into Sausalito the rain slowed and by the time we were up near Novato it had stopped.  We let serendipity be our guide that day visiting 2 wineries and a Nursery.  Then I had the idea to drive to Sebastopol and visit “Silk Moon Gallery”, which was one of the stores that purchased my cards at the SF Gift Show.  I’m so glad we popped in.  I had the chance to talk to Janet, the owner, plus see my cards displayed near their front counter.  The cards looked great.  She told me about her daughters kitchen store across the street and suggested I offer more cards with fruits and veggies on them.  She loved the eggplant/thank-you card in my line.  I liked the idea of focusing on fruits and veggies so below you can see the results of recent efforts!  From there we drove down to Petaluma and enjoyed a yummy Italian dinner as we discussed how I could expand words and watercolors.  It’s ever present in my mind!

Tell me if you like what you see here….


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