full moon energy, focus and commitment

The brilliance of the full moon shone through my bedroom window last night…as much as I love full moon energy, it often keeps me awake bathed in it’s brilliance. Last night was no exception as I tossed and turned, considering the mysteries of the goddess energy shining brightly.   In my sleeplessness, I asked the moon to fill me with her “moonbeams…moondust…moon magic”, as one of my Inspirational cards states.  And I considered the blog posting I’d read regarding this potent moon.  Here’s an excerpt:

“Full Moon is Saturday May 5, at 9:35 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is a super moon, the largest moon of the year and very powerful. Harness the power for some commitment or bid for power that you are working with right now. We remind you here that you do not need to KNOW all the steps and all the details of how it will all turn out. In fact it is best if you give the “how” of it over to spirit . Having the right intellectual information before embarking on a bid for power and a commitment to it is not essential. In fact it will often get in the way and hold you back from just going for it. Stretch yourself this full moon. Get outside your comfort zone and commit to something you never thought you could do. Just make sure it is something you want. We also recommend doing something that honors some kind of shift in your point of reference. As the earth goes though major changes, all points of reference must change as well. This full moon provides an opportunity to embrace the new in a very positive way.”

If you want to read more, go to this website: http://thepowerpath.com/index.php/power-path-home/the-power-path/moon-updates/452-full-moon-update-5-5-12.   I highly recommend it for it’s monthly astrological reviews as well.

Tossing and turning from 1am – 3am gave me plenty of time to consider the focus and commitment that Words and Watercolors is demanding of me in order for me to push beyond my own limitations of what I think is possible.  I’m definitely stretching myself and moving past my comfort zone!!  I hand over my problems to “Spirit” asking for assistance in releasing old, limiting beliefs.  I open up my arms learning to receive all the good the Universe is ready to Grace me with if I but let go of my limited thinking and beliefs.

“Infinite Possibilities are always with us…be open…soon opportunities will unfold…in countless, creative ways!!”  quote from my Inspirational card I2022.

Bask in the Brilliance of this Full Moon!!

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