Fun with Fabric

Just completed my first Quilt Market in Houston.  A great experience.  Made new friends, met lots of people and sold not only my product but directed lots of quilters to the Clothworks booth, which was located in the aisle behind mine, where they ordered my fabric!  Both from the “Nature’s Glory” collection which was released last month and “Cultivate your Joy” collection being released in April 2014.

One thing I do know for sure (to quote Oprah), it takes promotion, promotion, promotion to build a brand, sell product, make a mark in the world.  I’m ever so grateful for my 25 years of Corporate Sales without which I wouldn’t have business knowledge and confidence to continue to do what I’m doing.  It is work to stand in a booth for hours on end surrounded by product but the time goes fast when the people show up and walk the aisles.  Thankfully the bold colors and patterns of my fabric caught the attention of many and would pull them in the booth.  Then the fun begins as I ask questions and learn about who they are, what they do, etc…I hear the comments “beautiful!”, “this fabric has a  great hand”, “I love this one…and this…and this…”, etc…and then they look around at my cards, boxed notes and other product making positive comments regarding that as well.

Checkers Distributing, which sells everything it appears, to Quilt stores is interested in being a distributor for my Words and Watercolors as well.  I talked to Jeff, from Checkers, a few times throughout the show and will most likely be looking at that avenue of distribution to help me expand.  He told me that they sell not only in this country but in many countries.  I consider my mantra: “Words and Watercolors…around the world…enriching and inspiring”…, and realize that my dream is coming to fruition (just like one of my cards states…”plant your seeds, voice your vision, all comes to fruition”)!

In the waning days of the month of October, my Anniversary month, I’m ever so grateful for my 6th wedding Anniversary to Mark.  Without this marriage and move to San Francisco, my Artist persona would never have been unleashed to “Create, Explore and Play” as I have the past 5 years.

I’ll post a bunch of pics from the show and then am headed outside to try and do a quick sketch of these gorgeous flowers growing around the Hilton in Houston before catching a taxi for my 1pm flight back to SF!

booth set up paper/boxed notes/print love the totes! well lighted fabric drew attention modern quilt with "Nature's Glory" 1st prize for best new booth creative displays creative displays  so many products to see! colorful creativity Pauline scored these sweet jackets and I purchased one too. Reversible!designers and product me and Roada F. Tripp, the stuffed animal, and her posse!


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